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Alton Brown’s Turkey Recipe Is Robot Celeb’s Fav

Posted by on November 24, 2010 at 7:07 PM EST

alton brown thanksgiving turkeyFood celebrity Alton Brown’s roasted turkey recipe is our favorite way to cook the Thanksgiving bird.

It is the day before Thanksgiving and most people today are either getting themselves ready to start cooking, traveling, or just figuring out how to get out of work early. The hot news of today is turkey recipes and hot deals for Black Friday so we decided to get in on the act a little bit.

Alton Brown recently aired an episode of his great cooking show Good Eats where he went in search of the perfect turkey recipe. What he developed as a roasted turkey that uses a homemade brine that allows you to roast your turkey and get it cooked in right around 2 hours. That is a far cry from the normal 3-4 hours or longer that it can take to cook the average turkey. Not to mention, if it is Alton Brown, you know it is going to be damn good.

The key is to make the brine then let the bird soak in it for 8-16 hours. So while you are saving some serious cooking time, the prep time is a little more intense. That said, once you have the brine made, you are basically just marinating it so you can go about your other business and do as you please. You can even start the bird the night before and let it brine overnight, then when you get up tomorrow morning you are ready to rock that turkey.

So here is Alton Brown’s hot roasted turkey recipe. Give it a try and have a great Thanksgiving.


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