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“Survivor: Nicaragua” Preview Mid Season Recap Tonight

Posted by on November 24, 2010 at 6:54 PM EST

Surviror nicaragua Mid season recap previewThis week on Survivor: Nicaragua we get the annual middle of the season recap and unseen footage episode. This is pretty standard for Survivor, especially with Thanksgiving being tomorrow.

As with any of these recap episodes they can be good or bad. The good part, for the hardcore fans who have not missed a minute of the show this season is that this episode will give you more information and stuff you haven’t seen before. Expect a fair mix of funny scenes as well as never before seen strategy plays and/or confessions. Undoubtedly there will be at least a couple of moments where you will find yourself wondering why the hell they didn’t air that in the first place. But, I guess, they have to save some good stuff for this episode or nobody would tune into it.

Judging by the footage I have seen we get more of NaOnka calling everyone a dumbass and we actually see Dan laughing and having fun. We also get a little more insight into the flood and fire that have played havoc on the tribe’s camp. Something that looks like it might be very interesting in light of Brenda’s recently being voted off is Sash talking about how many different alliances he actually has.

There is bound to be some intrigue and some new information that will help us find out who is plotting on who and what some people’s general plans are.

These recap episodes can also be good for those who have missed an episode or two to get themselves caught back up. Sometimes these episodes are very good and sometimes they aren’t, but this season, with all the back stabbing, plotting and craziness that has gone on, I have a feeling it will be a good one.

Tune in tonight at 8pm on CBS to get caught up and see the new footage on Survivor: Nicaragua.



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