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DWTS Winner Recap: Dirty Dancing Star Crushes Palin Clan!

Posted by on November 24, 2010 at 10:04 AM EST

jennifer grey dirty dancingThe results are in after last night’s 2-hour season finale of DWTS.

Last night ABC aired their 2-hour season finale of Dancing With the Stars in which they crowned a new winner. While speculation and security was high, Bristol Palin did not win and walked away in third place. The real winner (front-runner for the entire competition) was Jennifer Grey. The “Dirty Dancing” star, 50-years-old or not, busted her ass on the dance floor and the victory was well deserved. In a season full of controversy, I am happy that the 2010 DWTS competition is finally behind us and the right person won.

Honestly I almost couldn’t find the strength to sit through that entire 2-hour Dancing With The Stars finale last night. ABC seemed to drag it out a little bit too far and I am pretty sure they could have condensed that into an hour show. Had it not been for David Hasselhoff doing some ridiculous Baywatch song and dance routine, I would have fallen asleep. Anyways, DWTS Season 11 is officially over and I could not be happier. One more article about Porky Bristol Palin and I just might end up like  that crazy guy who shot his TV last week.

I hope you all enjoyed all of the articles and coverage of Dancing With The Stars this season. Once again Jennifer Grey is the winner as America voted for her as the best dancer.



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