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DWTS 2010: Live Finale Results Preview and Predictions

Posted by on November 23, 2010 at 5:12 PM EST

dwts finale preview predictionsA look into tonight’s live Dancing With The Stars results show finale.

It all comes down to this. One night, three dancers and one mirror ball trophy. Tonight’s season finale of Dancing With the Stars pits Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin against each other in one last dancing showdown. As it was explained last night the dancers did two dances, got their scores from the judges and the then then the audience got to vote until 11am this morning. Tonight they will dance two more dances and get two more judges scores then all the scores will be combined with the votes and we will have a DWTS winner.

Last night Jennifer Grey brought her best. She got two perfect thirties and really showed off that she has all the skill and talent to win this thing. Kyle Massey was good as well. His two dances were very different and filled with his trademark energy and good fun. He was full of charm and seemed to be really soaking in the moment. Bristol Palin seemed to be feeling the pressure of being under the intense scrutiny and media spotlight she had this past week. Her first dance was better than her second, but neither was terrible.

It really comes down to the votes. It has now been shown that while the design of the scoring is intended to give equal weight to the judges’ scores and the votes, it is actually pretty heavily skewed towards the votes and that is where Bristol Palin can win DWTS. She has support from a lot of different areas and finds herself in the tempest of a voting storm. There are conservative groups voting for her for political reasons, there are people who like her and see her as the one who had no performing experience coming a long way and there is the Vote for the Worst people who want to see her win to make a mockery of the show. All of those votes add up fast and make Bristol very tough person to beat.

So the question is: Can Kyle Massey or Jennifer Grey gather enough votes to hold their point lead over Bristol and take home the mirrorball trophy? I honestly feel like the producers love the publicity, but they really don’t want Bristol to win. That said, I think she will win. I think there are just too many people now voting for her, many of them for the wrong reasons, for it to stop now. She has been the cat with nine lives this season on DWTS and I think she still has a few left in her.

If she wins, do you think they will change up the scoring next year’s Dancing With The Stars 2011 competition?

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