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“Dancing With The Stars” Week 10 Recap: Jennifer Grey Is Flawless!

Posted by on November 23, 2010 at 11:07 AM EST

dwts week 10 recapJennifer Grey delivered two flawless performances last night on night one of the DWTS finale.

As the most controversial season of Dancing With the Stars comes to an end the show started off with everyone commenting on all the talk and controversy. While they didn’t single Bristol out, they did refer to her as the dancer who the voters have saved week in and week out. They also made constant reminders that you need to make sure to vote for your favorite dancer. Tom even referenced the guy who got so pissed that Brandy got voted off that he shot his TV.  The dancers danced two dances last night and will dance two more tonight. All of those points will combine for the judge’s portion of the scoring.

This week the dancers were in redemption mode on DWTS. They danced dances that they had trouble with in the past and each had a judge help them out in rehearsals. Kyle Massey was first up. Len showed up at his rehearsal and helped him with his posture and technical steps of the foxtrot which he had trouble with earlier in the season. His dance was 50’s inspired, fun and just the right amount of over the top. The crowd loved it and the judges all noticed his technical proficiency. He got a score of 27.

Bristol Plain was up next. She was feeling the pressure of all the media attention bearing down on her. Bruno came to her rehearsal and helped her relax and get out of her shell. She did the Jive (the dance she wore the gorilla outfit during earlier in the season). She did pretty good, but seemed a little slow here and there. She did look like she was having a good time. The crowd cheered her on. The Judges said she finally came out of her shell and they were proud of her. She got a score of 27.

Jennifer Grey was last to go. Carrie Ann came in and showed her how to be a little more dynamic and fluid with little, subtle moves. Her paso doble was strong, dramatic and intense. It was perfection and the DWTS judges loved it. Len even gave her a standing ovation. Jennifer Grey got another perfect 30.

For round 2 each dancer got to do a freestyle dance. They could do anything they wanted in the dance and choose their own music.

Kyle Massey broke out some old school hip hop with tootsie roll. He and Lacey shook their asses, did some break dancing and mixed in a nice selection of lifts and jumps. Lacey looked good in her short shorts and the two were clearly having a great time. The judges really loved them and rewarded them with a 29 for a total of 56 out of 60 for the night.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas were doing a number from the Broadway show Chicago. Bristol was worried because he had never seen the show and she didn’t want to fall flat on the final night. She was motivated to prove people wrong and did a decent job with the dance. The Dancing With The Stars judges praised her for trying and how far she had come, but they were worried because with such an iconic dance she had huge shoes to fill. She got a score of 25 for a total of 52 out of 60.

Last up for the night was Jennifer Grey and her freestyle. She was nerve wracked about doing lifts and jumps because she didn’t want to get injured. Derek Hough eased her into it and when they hit the floor she wore a sexy outfit and they did a song from the Dance Soundtrack. She tore it up and put on a great show. She hit every lift and jump and the judges and crowd loved her. She got a second 30 for a perfect 60 out of 60.

Each team will dance two more dances tonight and get two more judges scores. Those scores, along with tonight’s scores will be combined with the audience votes and tonight a champion will be crowned. I have a strange feeling that the show producers love the press and the controversy, but they really don’t want Bristol Palin to win and make a mockery of the show. I think Jennifer Grey should win, but I think Bristol will win; the wave is just too big to stop now.

Tune in tonight for the Live DWTS Results show at 9|8c on ABC.

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