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Dancing With The Stars 2010: Final Three, Disco Balls and Death Threats!

Posted by on November 22, 2010 at 7:37 PM EST

dwts 2010 final threeThe Dancing With The Stars 2010 finale begins tonight and death threats are in the air.

Who would have ever thought that Dancing With The Stars would lead to death threats? It turns out that ABC has had to beef up security because Bristol Palin has been receiving some not-so-friendly fan mail. Hell, one letter even contained a piece of hate mail and some white powder in the envelope. People really must hate Bristol Palin and while I am not going to condone death threats (that is a little drastic and crazy, people), I don’t blame them.

Tonight’s DWTS finale should be interesting as we will see Bristol, Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey dance for the last time this season. Hopefully this death threat nonsense is not just another publicity stunt for the Palin clan. While I will agree that Bristol Palin should not be on Dancing With The Stars, let alone in the finale, death threats are a bit too much. Express your disgust for Bristol by voting for Kyle of Jennifer.

Hopefully the Dancing With the Stars finale goes off without a hitch and we put this season behind us. Here is to hoping that Jennifer Grey or Kyle Massey wins it all!

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  1. Honestly i was very disappointed that palin is staying over brandy. I understand she is staying because of her popularity but come on america fair is fair this should not be a popularity race it should be a talent race. Did those voters feel that they were doing the right thing when they voted for her. She should have been gone since week one. Brandy worked hard and i feel like she had deserved to stay. Palin cant dance its so obvious her facial are still she just sucks at it. Maybe dancing is just not for her (and it shows). I cant believe people are allowing this. This is how America is going to run its Country? This is totally not fair and if she wins over Jennifer or Kyle then that would really be unfair. From now on the judges should vote because “certain” Americans seem to know nothing about dancing. By the way< who ever is threatning her really needs to grow up. Im pretty sure she feels bad enough that she is winning by popularity and not by talent!!!!!

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