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Jonny Moseley: How Will Mr. Athlete Do On Skating With The Stars?

Posted by on November 22, 2010 at 7:53 PM EST

jonny moseleyHow will Jonny Moseley do on Skating With The Stars?

Jonny Moseley is the only pro athlete (or for that matter athlete in general) on Skating With the Stars. He has done pretty much everything you can do in the world of skiing. He has won world championships, Olympic Medals, X-games titles, US National titles and more. Rolling Stone magazine put him in their sports hall of fame and the U.S. Olympic Committee named him Sportsman of the Year.

But Jonny Moseley has never laced up ice skates and figure skated or ice danced before. This will really challenge his athletic ability and we will get to see how fast he can adapt and pick up new skills on SWTS.

Jonny Moseley was born in Puerto Rico and is the first Puerto Rican to become a member of the U.S. Ski Team. Moseley has never been one to sit idly by and not speak his mind. He was criticized for some of his comments during the 2006 Olympics where he failed to win a medal, but was never short of sharp comments about the games and himself. In 1999 he challenged the International Skiing Federation to change their policy and allow the athletes to compete in professional events such as the X-Games. Eventually they gave in and Moseley was the first skier to win both an X-Games and Olympic medal.

Moseley married his business manager Malia Rich in 2005. He had met her in high school and the two had dated since 2001. In September of 2007 she gave birth to their first child.

Jonny Moseley has tackled the Olympics, X-Games, marriage and fatherhood. Now on Skating With the Stars he will have to tackle the cold hard ice and some very difficult moves.



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