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“DWTS” Finals: Jennifer Grey And Kyle Massey Who?

Posted by on November 22, 2010 at 4:29 PM EST

dwts 2010 finalsThe DWTS 2-night finale begins tonight and I hope Jennifer Grey or Kyle Massey wins.

With all the Bristol Palin talk this week it is easy to forget that there are actually two other competitors in the Monday night finale of Dancing With The Stars. Those two who are now seemingly stuck in Bristol’s shadow are Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey.  I wanted to take a moment to offer up a reason why one of these two should win.

Let’s start with Jennifer Grey. She came into this season of DWTS as the odds on favorite to win the show and she has shown why. Barring a couple of rough weeks she has been at or near the top of the scoring leaderboard every week and there have been times in these last few weeks when she has shown flashes of brilliance and gotten perfect scores of 30 from the judges.  But forget the dancing. Let’s look at what she has overcome just to be on the show. When she originally agreed to do the show last year she took the physical and found out her neck was so bad (a lingering injury from a bad car accident in 1986) that if she fell or even quickly turned her neck wrong she could become paralyzed. She had surgery to put some screws and a plate in there to reinforce it. While getting the MRI for the surgery her doctor saw a spot on her thyroid. After getting the surgery on her neck she had the spot checked out and found out it was cancer. She caught it early and had it removed and aggressively treated and is now cancer free. So coming into it she wasn’t 100% as her body was recovering from some pretty major stuff. The wear and tear of dancing each week took its toll on her neck, back and knees, but as the weeks wore on she found ways to get through it and was able to overcome the problems. Her dancing has been consistently very good and often is fantastic. Jennifer Grey clearly deserves to win Dancing With The Stars.

Kyle Massey was one of the wild cards coming into the show. The odds makers didn’t know what to think of him. He is a little overweight and is on a kids TV show so he might be unknown too much of the viewing audience. Right out the gate he lit the place on fire. His charm and overwhelming energy brought the crowd to their feet and it was pretty clear he was here to have fun and dance his ass off. For a while it seemed like he might just skate by on charm and energy, but over the last month he has taken the advice of the judges and really focused on his technique. It has paid off for him as the last few weeks he has combined that technique with all that energy and turned it into some really good scores. Kyle is the last man standing, literally, and while he might not be as good as Jennifer Grey, he is still really good and has taken the show seriously. He is certainly worthy of winning the show.

Between these two it really comes down to the last show. Whoever does better on Monday probably deserves to win, but Bristol Palin finds herself in the middle of the perfect storm of vote getting. Both of these two will have a hard time overcoming that and winning DWTS.



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