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Dancing With The Stars 2010: Welcome To Bristol’s World!

Posted by on November 22, 2010 at 12:07 PM EST

dwts 2010 bristol palinDancing With The Stars 2010 is all about the non-celebrity competitor, Bristol Palin.

Are Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey even on Dancing With the Stars anymore? This entire week it has been all about Bristol Palin. Love her or hate her it has become the Bristol Palin show. There are many who are adamant that she shouldn’t be on the show to begin with. It is Dancing With the Stars, not Dancing With the Daughter of a Politician Who Works at a Dermatology Office. I suppose you could argue that technically she is a public figure and they have had people like Tom Delay and Mark Cuban on who are not really show biz people, but are people known to the public.

That aside there has been no shortage of controversy about Bristol Palin being on the show or about how she has survived this long on the show. This week alone has seen more issues around her pop up. For starters there is rumor that many of her castmates are angry with her for still being on the show when clearly better dancers have been voted off. Add in the controversy about the tea party (who is a big political ally and friend of the Sarah Palin) having supposedly decided to vote in blocks for her and even going so far as to rent phone blocks out to call for her and it really makes it seem like politics are at play. The producers of DWTS have said that they have a system that will not count votes if too many come from the same IP address. This would stop someone from sending 1000’s of votes from one computer or phone line and limit the influence of any phone blocks. Now the Vote for the Worst crew has jumped on board and are encouraging people to vote for her.

The voting and dancing aspects aside there has been other controversies this week surrounding her family. Her younger sister (Willow Palin) went on a homophobic slur laced attack on Facebook and got herself banned from the site. Bristol Palin has since apologized for her doing that. The Enquirer also reported that Willow (she of the homophobic slurs and who is also 16 years old) had a pregnancy scare. They reported that Sarah Palin went through the roof when she found out that Willow was following in Bristol’s footsteps and is having sex. The report is that the pregnancy test was negative. Normally what a mother’s child is doing isn’t the public business, but Sarah Palin is a strong supporter of abstinence only education and yet it seems to be failing miserably in the Palin household. She is talking about running for president and she and Bristol both spread the word of abstinence. Einstein said that one of the definitions of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. I think that very well may fit here.

Today there were reports of some mail sent to Bristol on the set of DWTS that had white powder in it. ABC security secured the area and called LAPD who confirmed that it was just talcum powder. Still, if it really was intended for Bristol Palin you know it was meant as a scare tactic. That is really messed up. It is one thing to not vote for her or even not watch the show since she is on it or to rage on various blogs and websites about her, but it is flat fu**ing crazy to do stuff like this. I hope this wasn’t the case because that is going too far.

I rip Bristol, but it is all in good fun. I’m not a fan of her mom or her family, but in the end it is a freaking dancing show and if people are getting so pissed that they are sending threating mail that is just messed up and they clearly need some help. I want to see Bristol Palin win DWTS because the interviews she will then have to give are going to be priceless. If she does win I wouldn’t be shocked to see some changes to next year’s scoring. Two things can be said for sure about this season of Dancing With the Stars. They have gotten more free publicity out of Bristol than any other contestant in the past and when it comes to DWTS the stars it clearly is Bristol’s world and we are just living in it.

What’s Kyle Massey got to do to get some love?



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  1. This year’s dancing with the stars is a joke. Bristol cannot dance and she should have been voted off when she danced in the gorilla suit that whole dance was horrible. Good people was voted off the show and left the one that needed to go from the beginning.

  2. You have a young lady that’s on dancing with the stars all she did was she got pregnant as a teenager now everyone see something positive about that, I do not.

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