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Dexter Season 5 Recap: Rest In Peace Kyle Butler

Posted by on November 22, 2010 at 10:48 AM EST

dexter season 5Dexter Season 5 returned last night with Teenage Wasteland and here is a recap of what went down.

The newest episode of Dexter Season 5 titled “Teenage Wasteland” starts with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Jordan Chase (Johnny Lee Miller) running on treadmills. Dexter has scheduled a private consultation with Chase in hopes of finding out more about him and his role with Lumen (Julia Stiles). Chase tells Dexter that tragedy breaks us down, but it allows us to rebuild ourselves in any way we want. Chase explains to Dexter that his entire philosophy is based on Plato’s idea of the fractured soul. He took the idea, rewrote it and sold a million copies of his book.  Dexter notices that Chase has a necklace hanging in his locker that looks like a vial of blood. He and Lumen plot to get the necklace. As they talk two people break into the house with Lumen. She hides in the bathroom, holding a kitchen knife. It turns out that the people breaking in are Astor (Christina Robinson) and one of her friends Olivia (Tabitha Morella) looking for a place to party. She and her friend are both drunk.

Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) is stressing over her meeting with the union rep and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) tells her he loves her. She is a little shocked. When she leaves Liddy (Peter Weller) calls him and wants to meet Quinn to show him the pictures he took of Dexter and Lumen. When Astor gets up in the morning Dexter wants to talk to her and she agrees, but then Harrison drops his toy. Lumen picks it up and hands it to her and he calls lumen Ma Ma. Astor is not happy. Debra gets sent to work at the file room while they review her case. There she confesses that she might love Quinn too.

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Dexter meets with Chase for his second session and is able to get the blood sample from the necklace. When Dexter leaves Chase suspects something, looks at the necklace and sees a drop of blood. He now knows Dexter is up to something. Debra, working in the file room, re-reads the case file on Boyd Fowler’s (Shawn Hatosy) case with the barrel girls and finds that there was DNA from several people involved, but nobody noticed before because they pinned it on Boyd and closed the case. She matches one of the DNA samples Cole Harmon (Chris Vance), Chase’s now dead security chief, as being one of the matches. She takes it to Batista (David Zayas), who wants to reopen the case.

Dexter, at work about to run Chase’s blood gets a call from Lumen telling him that Astor and her friend have disappeared. The door is open their cell phones are still there. The neighbor says he saw a white panel van in the area. The police find the van and get the guy, but it turns out that the guy is Astor’s friend Olivia’s step-dad. They then find the girls, they were caught shoplifting.

Laguerta (Lauren Velez) and Batista talk. She thinks Debra is purposely trying to screw her over by re-opening the case on Boyd Fowler that she personally closed.

When Debra, Dexter and the girls get back to Dexter’s place Debra meets Lumen and she confronts Dexter about Lumen and who she is. Dexter insists she is just a friend, but Debra doesn’t seem to buy it. Dexter and Astor talk while Lumen talks to Olivia. When Olivia is changing, Lumen sees a bunch of bruises on her stomach and asks her about them. Astor then tells Dexter that Olivia’s step-dad beats her. That is why Astor brought her here to escape from her step-dad.

When Debra finds out that Laguerta is not going to reopen the Boyd Fowler case she storms into her office and tears into her. Laguerta then tells her that she will re-open the case. She also tells her that she did what she did with suspending her to protect Batista and that she suspended Quinn to protect Dexter. When Debra wants to know what she was protecting Dexter from, Laguerta simply says, “Ask Quinn.”

Debra confronts Quinn about Dexter. He comes clean and tells her that he thought Dexter was Kyle Butler and he was investigating him and his association with Trinity, but it never panned out so he dropped it. Debra is pissed and storms off.

Dexter goes to meet with Olivia’s step-dad and confronts him about hitting her. He then demonstrates how you beat someone’s ass without leaving too many marks. He works him over good then tells him that he will call Olivia’s mom and tell her he is leaving and she will never see him again. He tells him if he ever finds out that he is back with her he will not go so easy on him.

Quinn goes home and finds Liddy in his house. Liddy shows him the pictures of Dexter and Lumen loading up Dexter’s boat. Quinn pays him and tells him it is over. Liddy threatens to take what he knows public and Quinn tells him to back off.

The next day when Quinn tries to apologize to Debra she tells him off. Dexter drops Olivia off and finds out that her step-dad did leave. Dexter decides to keep Astor’s secret about the drinking. They make up and talk and Dexter tells her that Lumen is a friend, but not his girlfriend. He tells Astor that he loves her and she tells him he should come in with Harrison and see Cody. When they open the door to get Harrison he drops his toy and calls it Ma Ma so we now realize he didn’t call Lumen Ma Ma that is what he calls his toy.

Dexter gets his blood work back from Chase’s necklace. It is a woman who is still alive. Chase calls Dexter’s house and Lumen answers. When Chase identifies himself she is scared, but holds it together and asks to take a message. He tells Lumen to tell Dexter to please schedule another appointment. He also tells her to tell him that time is of the essence. He says to her, “Tell him, tick..tick…tick that is the sound of his life running out.” Just before hanging up he says, “Take care Lumen,” which leaves her gasping in fear.



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