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Thanksgiving Special Showdown: Taylor Swift Battles Beyonce! [POLL]

Posted by on November 19, 2010 at 2:18 PM EST

taylor swift beyonce thanksgivingThis Thanksgiving, both Taylor Swift and Beyonce have TV specials planned.

Turkey Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than with music specials on TV. The thing is, both Beyonce and Taylor Swift will be putting on Thanksgiving Day specials which will air on two different networks. Which one of the two lovely ladies do you like better?

On one end of the spectrum you have Beyonce, the sultry R&B singer who began her career in the group Destiny’s Child. Beyonce will be airing her “I Am… World Tour” on ABC at 9:30/8:30c on ABC. Beyonce’s special will include appearances by Jay-Z and that one rapper a**hole… Kanye West. I do find it funny that Kanye West, Beyonce and Taylor Swift are all involved in yet another story as they were the ones that the whole 2009 MTV VMA debacle surrounded.

On the complete opposite end of the Thanksgiving Day special war is the young country superstar Taylor Swift. Swift will be hosting a one-hour special on NBC which is entitled “Taylor Swift: Speak Now.” During the special we will get to go behind-the-scenes as Taylor Swift works on her “Speak Now” album which she recently released. On top of that, Swift will perform nine tracks off of her brand new album. Swift’s special will air at 8|7c on NBC on Thanksgiving night.

I know what you all are thinking; people will be able to watch both Beyonce’s and Taylor Swift’s special if they wanted to. You would be correct but this is the internet so why not make up a ridiculous fake battle between two music stars? Just for the hell of it, I am going to throw in a little poll to see which star you all prefer. Enjoy and Happy Turkey Day!

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  1. Beyonce is a very talented performer and a class act. She may very well go on to be the next Diana Ross of this generation but even classier. I believe her to be the dominant artist, but I hope for her sake she distances herself from Kanye West and J z. I know that is a hard thing to do because of her relationships to both men. But it is what it is….Kanye has a big mouth and his actions are hurting. Jay Z has taken it upon himself to “speak up” for his brother. Well, if he chooses to be his brothers keeper, then by all means, share his burden of humility from all his notorious moments of unwise actions that have cost Kanye dearly. I just hope none of it rubs off on Beyonce. She should not be responsible for carrying the burden of bad publicity that kanye has put upon himself and even doing it in her name at the 2009 VMA. I would flip the channel back and forth, but I think about how many fans would not watch Beyonce just because kanye west will be on the stage. kanye has proven that he too can be a racist. His actions seem very conclusive to many. Think of the non black community that purchases music kanye and how much money you stand to loose when you say and do the things that you do. You can deny it or try and flip the script all you want…you (kanye) doing what you did to Taylor Swift in 2009 was the most disgraceful displays of prejudice in a public spectacle, equivalent to when Adolf Hitler stormed out of the Olympics because Jesse Owens beat out his Aryan Athletes. Unless kanye saves a day care center from a burning building, he will forever be remembered for that. And since he’s done such a great job pissing off Media big shots like Oprah, Matt Lauer and being on George Bush’s list…..he’s going to have a hell of a time living it down. I hope his misfortune does not rub off on Beyonce. I hope her publicist has the right mind to keep Kanye and Jay Z’s controversy away from her. As she will be known as the Queen of Class for saving the 2009 VMA by sacrificing her time so Taylor could shine. I love Beyonce as a performer, artist and person of GOD’s Creation. She is a great example to everyone. She cares for the people in her life, which is why she does what she does. kanye, you’ve damaged your career. Take it like a man. Stop trying to ride other people’s coat tails back to stardom, Leave Beyonce alone. She doesn’t need your bad publicity. Jay Z you are cool, kanye got himself into this mess, let him deal with it.

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