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“The Apprentice” Recap: Mobile TV Battle Royale!

Posted by on November 19, 2010 at 11:15 AM EST

the apprentice mobile tvThe Apprentice aired last night and another contestant was fired by Donald Trump.

As the new episode of The Apprentice starts Liza and Stephanie are not very happy about now being a team of two and being forced to work together. Trump tells the teams that they will be working with Flow TV and AT&T to develop a 30 second commercial for their new joint venture Mobile TV. Stephanie steps up to be the project manager for Fortitude and Steuart steps up to be project manager for Octane.

Stephanie and Liza start brainstorming, but they are having some trouble seeing eye to eye. Stephanie basically takes over and says that she will run everything and Liza will be her secretary.  Over at Octane they do some brainstorming and Clint has an idea. While Brandy and Steuart aren’t in love with it they understand that they don’t have much time so they run with Clint’s vision. Steuart gives everyone their jobs and they are off and running.

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As Fortitude gets to their location Stephanie gets angry with Liza because she is having trouble getting a sporting arena or office location. Stephanie instead sends Liza to get props and she takes over. The professional director of photography that is there to work with them seems unimpressed with Stephanie’s organization. While Stephanie scrambles on her shoot Clint seems to have taken over his shoot and is acting and directing.

While the DP that is helping Stephanie seems to be annoyed by her, Stephanie scrambles to get her shoot done. Liza brings back some props, but they aren’t very impressive and they don’t really help out. They wrap shooting and Stephanie seems very satisfied with herself and even says that she might become a director as a career choice.

Both teams of The Apprentice rush to the editing room. Fortitude pushes until the last minute and isn’t so sure about their commercial, but they feel they did their best with the time they had to do it in. Liza doesn’t like their commercial at all even though Stephanie feels it is fantastic. During the presentation Stephanie is smooth and professional while Brandy stumbles and flubs a few lines. Donald Trump asks Brandy why she didn’t memorize the lines and she says she didn’t have time.

In the boardroom Trump comes right out and says he didn’t care for Fortitude’s commercial. Ivanka Trump and Don Jr. read what the cable company execs thought of both commercials and then Trump announces that Octane won easily.

Now would have been a good time to queue Michael Buffer because it was time to rumble. All of the previous confrontations between Liza and Stephanie were undercards to this main event. Stephanie tears into Liza, pulling her under the bus just like she said earlier in the episode (The Apprentice) she would. Early on in the episode Stephanie didn’t want Liza involved because she wanted all the glory, now she is ripping Liza for not getting involved enough. Ivanka calls Stephanie on her double talk and catches her trying to take credit for things while blaming Liza for the same things. Liza punches back and says she is always loud in the boardroom because she is always being attacked. Don Jr. steps in and says that it seems like Liza is always in the background until they are in the boardroom or until he is around. The women attack each other for every little move that was made, but eventually Liza gets the point out that she never liked the concept and that she had a better idea that Stephanie shot down and that Stephanie kept her out of the project as much as possible. Stephanie tries to fight it, but eventually Trump hits her with the fact that it was her idea for the commercial and it wasn’t good and she has to take ownership of that. He then tells Liza that he is not at all happy with her, but he fires Stephanie. As they leave he tells Liza she better step up and improve fast.



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