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“Teen Mom” Amber: Charged With Beating Baby Daddy!

Posted by on November 19, 2010 at 10:53 AM EST

teen mom arrestedAmber Portwood, star of MTV’s show Teen Mom has been charged for hitting her baby daddy.

MTV “Teen Mom” reality star Amber Portwood has been charged with domestic violence, for attacking her baby’s father and ex-fiancé Gary Shirley in front of their daughter, Leah, on three separate occasions. Amber now faces two felony counts and one misdemeanor, if convicted; she’s looking at three years in jail with fines up to $10,000.

Indiana officials started their investigation when MTV released footage of 20-year-old Amber Portwood arguing, smacking and punching Shirley, right in front of their now 2 year old daughter Leah Leann. She can also be seen kicking Gary in the back as he walks down a flight of stairs.

Portwood stated to US Weekly, “I feel like everything is spinning out of control, and I’m trying to put the pieces back together.”

Child Protective Services removed 2-year-old Leah out of Amber Portwood’s home and placed her with the father. Portwood agreed that it was safer for her to stay at Gary’s because of all the media attention following assault.

“It’s safer for her because of all the photographers outside my house,” says Amber Portwood to Us.

Amber Portwood was the original star in MTV’s reality show, “16 and Pregnant”.  She is now on her 2nd season of the reality show ‘Teen Mom’, which often shows her physical and verbal abuse towards Gary Shirley.



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