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Trump to China: You’re Fired!

Posted by on November 18, 2010 at 7:11 PM EST

donald trump for presidentDonald Trump (The Apprentice) has a little something to say to China: You’re Fired!

Tonight’s The Apprentice will see someone fired, but tonight’s contestant isn’t the only person President Donald Trump wants to fire.

In an interview with ABC News today Donald Trump said that he is seriously considering a run for President of the United States as a Republican in 2012. He adds that he could easily spend more than 200 million of his own money on his campaign.

Trump told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: “It could be fun because I’d like to see some positive things happen for the country. I’m going to make a decision probably by June.” Trump’s primary target? China. Donald Trump said that China is getting away with murder by manipulating its currency to the disadvantage of the US. He says that the respect for the US is not there. “I have many people from China that I do business with, they laugh at us. They feel we’re fools. And almost being led by fools. And they can’t believe what they’re getting away with.”

Donald Trump seems a lot more fired up and interested than he did in 1999 when he previously explored he idea of running for president.  If he did seek the nomination it could almost be a reality show in and of itself because he could find himself up against Sarah Palin who has her own reality show on TLC. Of Palin Trump says he likes her, but that he would take her on.

Maybe this is what the country needs. A businessman who has shown that he knows how to fix things when they are broken. Even if he does decide to run that is at the least a few months away. Tonight he has more pressing matters. He is down to the final five contestants on the Apprentice and tonight he tasks then with making a 30 second commercial for At&T. Team Fortitude is now down to just Stephanie and Liza who are arch enemies. It is going to be like watching Doctor Octopus and Magento work together and judging by the previews things don’t go very well for them at all. There is sure to be some heavy drama.

Tune in tonight at 10pm on NBC to see all the drama unfold on The Apprentice and stay tuned to find out if Donald Trump will be running for president or if he is just playing around and looking for some extra publicity.



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