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Bristol Palin Disclaimer: Do Not Watch “DWTS” While Armed!

Posted by on November 18, 2010 at 7:28 PM EST

bristol palin dwts disclaimerBristol Palin now comes with a disclaimer: No guns while watching DWTS!

There is heavy controversy still swirling after Brandy was voted off of Dancing With the Stars earlier this week and right at the center of the controversy was none other than Bristol Palin. It seems like everything she does causes controversy and her family seems to always be awash in it. Whether it is her surviving week in and week out on the dancing contest show where she is clearly the worse dancer left or when her younger sister went on a homophobic rant on Facebook and got herself banned from the site the Palin’s seem to do nothing halfway and people either love them or hate them for that same reason.

Steven Cowan took a page right out of Sarah Palin‘s political book when he “didn’t retreat, he reloaded” after shooting his TV in a rage after watching Bristol Palin dance on DWTS. Cowan was reportedly watching Dancing With the Stars with his wife when he got so angry with Bristol’s dance performance and the fact that she was still on the show that he jumped up, loaded his shotgun and shot his TV. He then pointed the gun at his wife who ran from the house and called 911. Cowan then proceeded to have a 15 hour long standoff with the police before he finally surrendered to the police without incident Tuesday morning.

Cowan had reportedly been under a lot of financial stress and his wife reported that he had been drinking, but was not drunk when he opened fire on the TV. Cowan’s wife said he got upset after Bristol Palin danced then he went upstairs looking for his pistols. He ended up coming back down with his single shot shotgun and blasted the TV. He then reloaded and pointed the gun at his wife. She left the house and went to a nearby business where she called the police.

Cowan has been charged with second-degree reckless endangerment.

At least with his TV out of commission he didn’t see Bristol Palin advance to the Dancing With The Stars finals. There is no telling what that could have driven him to do.



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