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Survivor Nicaragua Recap: All Hail Brenda!

Posted by on November 18, 2010 at 1:30 PM EST

survivor nicaragua brendaDoes Brenda on Survivor Nicaragua have too much power?

This week’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua started out with some members of the tribe worried that Brenda had too much power. With her leading the charge to get Marty out it is clear that she is running the show. But more pressing in their minds than her power is the miserable weather. It is raining sideways, windy and has everyone in the tribe feeling very down, tired and cold. In an effort to keep the fire going they use their three big chests and some other logs and items to build a makeshift fireplace around it to help shelter the fire from the wind and rain.  It seems to do the trick and helps keep them warm.

At the Survivor Nicaragua reward challenge the tribe is randomly split into two groups. The blue team is made up of Fabio, NaOnka, Jane, Kelly Purple and Chase. The yellow team has Brenda, Dan, Sash, Holly and Benry. The object of the challenge it to take four large wooden barrels, two wooden planks and about 10 feet of rope and use those to travel from one platform across about 50 feet of space to another platform without ever touching the ground. If anyone in your group touches the ground you all have to go back to the start. The blue team figures it out right away and moves at a nice steady pace while the yellow team, with Jeff Probst slamming them relentlessly, flounders. They fall off, Dan – of course – gets hurt and they lose badly. The blue team travels by helicopter to an active volcano. They see the crater, land sled down the side of it and have a lunch of pizza, soda and brownies. At the lunch NaOnka pulls Fabio aside and tells him everyone is gunning for Brenda. He is on board and willing to join in.

Back at camp the losing tribe returns to find that, surprise, the wooden chests they put around their fire caught on fire and burned up. It also burned up a good portion of their camp, all of their tools, all of their food and took a big chunk out of their tarp. Everyone is bummed because this means they are down to about one cup of rice per day per person until they get more food.

At the Survivor Nicaragua immunity challenge each person stands on a slanting board and holds on to a rope with three knots in it. You lean with the slant and hold yourself up by the rope. If you lose your grip you fall into the water. After a period of time you move down the rope to the next knot. Each move down gets a little bit harder to hold yourself up. People fall right and left and in the end Jane once again outlasts them all and wins immunity.

Back at camp the plotting begins. NaOnka tells Sash about the plot to take out Brenda, but Chase goes to Brenda and warns her. She seems confident, but does ask Sash if he will give her the immunity idol in order to save her if she needs it. He seems to agree with her. She tells her people to stay strong and vote with her. At tribal Brenda gives a speech (this seems to be the season of the tribal council speeches) about her alliance staying strong. She calls out NaOnka for betraying her and NaOnka returns the favor by calling out Chase for the same thing. When the vote comes down Brenda looks at Sash and nods, but he doesn’t give her the idol. It is unanimous and Brenda is gone from Survivor Nicaragua. It is now very clear that alliances can shift from day to day in this season.



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