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Willow: Is She The Next Palin To Go DWTS?

Posted by on November 17, 2010 at 7:12 PM EST

willow palin dwtsComing off her recent facebook rant, is Willow Palin the next non-celebrity to go DWTS?

Please don’t get confused when you see Willow in the title. It is NOT Willow Smith, the fun-loving daughter of Will Smith and singer of “Whip My Hair.” The Willow in question is Willow Palin, daughter to Sarah Palin and sister to that one monkey girl from DWTS, Bristol Palin.

It seems the Palin clan is too worried about rigging Dancing With the Stars to pay attention to little miss Willow. During the premiere of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Willow Palin went on a gay bashing tirade via Facebook. When some random kid behind a computer said mommy’s show was failing, Willow responded by calling him a fa**ot. To be honest, I can’t say that I am surprised; I mean Bristol Palin did have a kid at 16, not really the model for perfect childhood.

Regardless of her family upbringing, Willow Palin is definitely in the spotlight now. Of course, big sister is there to defend her, while at the same time plugging her cult followers for DWTS. If she wins are you all going to drink the special kool-aid?  Anyways, enough of the story behind the Willow Palin news, let’s get down to business.

Do you think that Willow Palin will now be on Dancing With the Stars since she is now the daughter of Sarah Palin who went on a gay bashing spree via facebook?



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