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Tony Parker Cheating: Was Eva Longoria’s Hubby Unfaithful?

Posted by on November 17, 2010 at 7:26 PM EST

eva longoria divorceTony Parker is accused of cheating on his wife Eva Longoria.

Tony Parker cheating on Eva Longoria is not something you expect to see as a headline. Yet here we are, reporting that Eva Longoria has now officially filed for divorce from her husband, Tony Parker. Of course yesterday TMZ reported that Parker was divorcing Longoria and then took the claim back as Longoria said it was false.

Now the story is official as Eva Longoria has announced via Twitter that after 7 years, the couple has decided divorce is the best option for them. Mario Lopez (host on Extra) is claiming that she founds a ton of text messages on her husband’s phone from another woman! Lopez goes on to say that the text message mistress is married (uh oh) to one of his teammates on the San Antonio Spurs.

Let’s get this straight here; you have Tony Parker who is married to the gorgeous and talented Eva Longoria. Then you have a married mistress that Parker is cheating with. Two two-timing cheaters, both of them will get what is coming! I mean, who in their right mind would cheat on Eva Longoria. (IDIOT!)

As more news unfolds on the Tony Parker and Eva Longoria divorce we will update this post.



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  1. What..you don’t say?? why do these women marry superstar atheletes thinking they are going to be faithful? there may be exceptions but with the lifestle, fame and temptation, what did she expect? She may as well stay with him…

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