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Teen Pregnancy PSA: Bristol Palin and The Situation Talk Sex!

Posted by on November 17, 2010 at 11:36 AM EST

bristol palin the situation psaBristol Palin and The Situation preach safe-sex and abstinence for a Candie’s foundation PSA.

Dancing With the Stars castoff The Situation and finalist Bristol Palin will appear in a public service announcement encouraging teens to “pause before you play.”

In the Candie’s Foundation PSA, Bristol Palin and the “Jersey Shore” star (Mike Sorrentino) talk about the importance of safe sex and abstinence.
The advertisement starts off with The Situation hitting on Bristol Palin, without realizing she is his DWTS co-star.  The two talk about ‘situations’ that can occur from unprotected sex. Bristol Palin is very aware of the situations, being that she is a teen mom herself.

In the PSA, The Sitch states, “I know you’re all about that abstinence thing, but come on, B-Palin, are you serious? You’re not gonna hook up before you’re married? For real?”

Bristol Palin replies, “For real,” and starts the discussion about abstinence. She finishes off by saying, “Pause before you play.” The Situation agrees, “Pause before you play,” “That’s probably the most important thing.”

In an interview for the campaign, Bristol states, “I’ve been working with the Candie’s Foundation for almost two years now,” “I’m a teen mom, so this was an issue that’s near and dear to my heart. We’re coming together today to open up dialogue about teen pregnancy.”

The “Jersey Shore” star stated his friendship with Palin is what convinced him to go ahead with the PSA. He goes on to add, “Me and BP here are kind of tight and I heard about the cause and I was like, you know, even though I do get into ‘situations’ here and there, I just want to let everyone know you do have to stay protected. … At the end of the day, if a situation’ does arise I do stay protected.”

I hope you all enjoy this wonderfully hypocritical PSA by Bristol Palin and The Situation aka Mike Sorrentino:



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