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Dancing With The Stars Finals: Who Will Win The Mirrorball Trophy?

Posted by on November 17, 2010 at 10:58 AM EST

dwts mirrorball trophyThe Dancing With The Stars 2010 Finals is one week away and we are down to three contestants.

It has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride on this season of Dancing With The Stars. The 2010 competition seems like it has been full of upsets and controversy but we have finally made it to the DWTS Finals. Three contestants will battle it out on the dance floor next week for the coveted mirrorball trophy.

Let’s take a look at the last three contestants and how they have done thus far in the competition:

Jennifer Grey has been the favorite to win for the entire season. People will say that its unfair because she has a dancing background and was in the movie Dirty Dancing a long time ago. Dancing background or not, the woman is 50-years-old and has consistently dominated the dance floor. Her spot in the finals is well-deserved and she SHOULD be the one to win the Dancing With The Stars mirror ball trophy next week.

Next up on the list of finalists is the Disney star Kyle Massey. Massey came out in the first couple of weeks and surprised the hell out of me. The kid had moves and actually did quite well on the dance floor. However, his childish behavior could have cost him but he overcame that obstacle and has progressively gotten better week after week. Kyle Massey has definitely been the most improved dancer on this season of DWTS.

Last but not least is Porky Bristol Palin, the most controversial dancer of all. Judging from the comments I have received when we “hate” on her, I will not even get into why she shouldn’t be on the show. Instead I will just conform to all of the wonderful Palin supporters out there and end with this: “Go Bristol!”

Who do you think will win the coveted Dancing With The Stars mirror ball trophy? Email us your predictions to leads@robotceleb.com.



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  1. It’s so unfortunate that Bristol Palin keeps hanging due to stupid or crazy fans who just want to stir up the pot. what a pity for the “Stars” who so deserve to remain. Is Bristol Palin a Star? No! I don’t blame Bristol…she’s innocent in this. lol! And she’s making one hell of a run for being tops at Dancing With the Stars….what a pity!!!!

  2. Are you kidding me – HOW could DWTS allow Brandy to be voted off. There is no contest now. First of all Jennifer’s background is a dancer – she complained about her neck – her knee and how old she is. don’t think anyone with a dancing background should be on the show. Palin wanted to go home, so she should have been excused and sent home to mommy. I feel sorry for Brandy and Max. Max is talented, I need not go into his background, Brandy is a singer not a dancer and she got out there and DANCED – Not like Palin – besides who told Palin she was a “Star” I am sorry Brandy that people could not see your dancing talent. As a Ballroom Dancer myself I was voting for you every week

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