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Dancing With The Stars 2010: Which Contestant Was Voted Off Tonight?

Posted by on November 16, 2010 at 10:16 PM EST

dwts 2010 finalsDancing With The Stars aired its live results show tonight and let’s find out who was voted off.

Well the semi-finals of the DWTS 2010 competition has just aired its live results show and Brandy was voted off. That is right, BRANDY was voted off. Not Bristol Palin who has no talent at all. This just goes to show you that this entire Dancing With The Stars show is all about politics and not who can dance.

Brandy, we were rooting for you and Maks, you should not have been voted off of DWTS. Blame Sarah Palin!

So there you have it folks, Bristol Palin, Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey are headed to the Dancing With The Stars 2010 Finals next week.



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  1. What a shame the ugly face of politics has entered such a entertaining talented show. Can you honestly say Bristol Palin is a more talented dancer than Brandy?! I am in shock and such disappointment.

  2. I do not believe politics had anything at all to do with this vote. I believe the American people are tired of stars that have had an advantage over other contestants, such as people in music, recent dance experience, etc. Brandy was an excellent dancer, but she has not overcome as much as some of the others have. Bristol is not a dancer true, but she has shown the most advancement in the show on a 0-10 scale. Kyle is next in line, but Jennifer Grey has probably had the most difficult time because of her age, and Jennifer also DEVELOPED CANCER right after starting with DWTS and had to go thru treatment for that in the middle this show. Age and sickness makes it 3 times as hard to do a good dance. Again I believe the American people, want to see less “popularity” of who the star is and lean more towards the contestants that have had to overcome the most obstacles during the season,and then did it! These 3 have overcome alot. The show is susposed to be all about improvement suring the season.

  3. Quality and accountability of the show is definately in question. When you loose that, there really is no show.

  4. What a bunch of bullies!!!
    What did this poor girl ever do to you people?
    This show is not about the best winning and never has been. Think about it.
    This is a 19 year old girl who is out there having the time of her life, and dancing the best she can.
    It should not matter who her mother is.
    This is a TV show and who really knows what the actual votes are.
    On the other hand what bigger obstacle could anyone have to win over then all this hate?
    Geez People!!

  5. I think Brandy should of been booted off a long time ago, because she would make several mistakes during a performance and still get an 9 or 10 out of Len, when other stars had a flawless performance and would get 6’s or 8’s. I was really hoping that neither Brandy or Jennifer would make it to the final, because who in their right mind would believe that Jennifer Grey the daughter or the Famous Joel Grey has no dancing talent with the exception of the movie “Dirty Dancing” from day one she has been pulling that sympathy card, either it Patrick Swaze death, her neck, her leg, other pain which of some which might of been cause from an accident that resulted in someone dying. Brandy was also pull that card with the crying or b*tching every episode and acting as if people should feel sorry for her since her music is no longer topping the chart and/or the accident that she was in that also resulted in someone dying. Come on now… this is DWTS, not Therapy With The Stars it is suppose to show a star or a regular person with star status that has little or no dance able with hard work on their part transform in to a ballroom dancer. Now, that Brandy is out I really hope that Kyle wins over Jennifer who like Brandy thought that the show was in the bag for her. I really would of like to have seen some of the other stars like Margaret Cho or Kurt Warner who were truly was improving over Bristol, Brandy or Jennifer. But, don’t get me wrong I really like Bristol but, to me she still appear to be a little stiff. Not as stiff as Kate Gosselin.

  6. I knew the whiners would be out in force. I agree with the above. Bristol is the ONLY one with no prior acting/dancing/entertaining experience. The reason J. Grey got to be a star in the first place is because she was a DANCER…..gee. How fair is that? Let’s have a dancing contest for amatuers and bring a professional in. Much more fun to watch the Kurt Warners and Bristol Palins of the world evolve to me! Go Bristol, and go Kyle!

  7. Really people and you know who I am talking to. You all really believe that Bristol Palin has can dance. Sure she tries and I give her that. If it wasn’t for her mother’s influence in politics that girl would have left a long time ago. Florence Henderson dance well than her and she is 70 years old. If you like the girl to win then so be it. Don’t say she deserve it because she don’t. The show has lost a lot of momentum because of this outcome. Another fixed win. We see it all the time. Nothing is real anymore….

  8. I may be tru that bristol cannot dance, yes, but she was asked to be there, and then what? the judges don’t like the fact that she is there, then I just will like those judges just to kick her out, if that is what she wants, but don’t get upset for the fact that she is there, you have to take the good with the bad, you guys asked her to be in the show. so, she is.

  9. The fans have made this show a joke!

  10. Bristol is not a star or a “celeb”. Should have never been in the competition in the first place. Title of the Show is Dancing with the Stars, and not “Dancing with Political Figure” Send her home!

  11. The show is called Dancing with the stars so yes they want stars to dance i don’t think it is unfair about Jennifer she has been threw a lot and is going strong i personally hope she wins she is working just as hard as everyone on the show but Bristol was not a star and i agree she should go home she is not a good dancer

  12. First off I am not a hater of anyone and I give credit where credit is do. I think Brandy is a better dancer than Bristol. I was rather shocked to see Brandy get voted off. This is definitely politics nothing more nothing less. If if wasn’t for her mother’s status in politics/the tea party – Bristol would have been vote off a while back. Granted she tried very hard but she just don’t have it. I have been a long time fan of Dancing With The Stars but this has made me a non-fan… This was definitely fixed and I don’t think I will be watching it anymore. I have nothing at all against Bristol – I think she is a beautiful young lady and as I have stated she has come a long way but between her dance skills and Brandy dance skills – Brandy got her beat by a land slide. Granted Bristol do not have any dance experience and Brandy is in the entertainment business – but both were chosen as participants of DWTS. Bristol could have easily said no, but I applaud her for getting out there and giving it a shot. I really enjoyed watching DWTS up until last night – It let me know that even that show can be be fixed. To me its in the same category as wrestling and we all know wrestling is so fake…

    Sign me as

  13. No one ever told me to vote for the best dancer. All I ever heard was be sure and vote for your favorite. Why can’t you handle that Bristol is a lot of people’s favorite. Get over it Brandy is OUT. YAY!

  14. Kendra you are a good dancer and should have not been voted off. You sure shook your booty at Len. lol

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