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Jessica Simpson: I Am Eric Johnson’s Sugar Mama!

Posted by on November 16, 2010 at 7:39 PM EST

jessica simpson sugar mamaJessica Simpson is engaged and if you are asking me, things might not be looking so good already.

Jessica Simpson announced her engagement to former pro football player Eric Johnson this week and she flashed a $100,000 ruby and diamond Neil Lane engagement ring shortly after the news went public. Now rumors are leaking that Jessica bought the ring for herself. A source close to Jessica Simpson said that there is no way Eric could have afforded that ring on his own so unless his parents helped him out, she paid for the ring.

Eric Johnson played tight end in the NFL form 2001-2008, but save for one season (2004) he was just another part-time player who was decent, but far from a star and he never commanded a large contract. He was cut by the Saints in the summer of 2008 and has not found a new team since. I have a feeling his job as the full-time Mr. Jessica Simpson will be his new career.

While even second and third string NFL players make good money, after agents fees and taxes it isn’t as good for many as you might think. Sports Illustrated did a story a few years ago about how most pro football players are broke within five years of leaving the NFL. It would not be hard to believe that Eric Johnson, who is now three seasons removed from football, may be feeling the financial pinch. The reports are that his family has money so he may well have help from them and he did go to an Ivy League school so he could end up landing a good job, but once he is married to Jessica any money worries he may have had will likely be gone. It is reported that Jessica Simpson believes in this relationship so much that she doesn’t want a prenup. She has an estimated wealth of $100 million dollars. When Jessica and Nick Lachey got divorced he got an estimated $10 million and she wasn’t worth nearly as much back then as she is now. At the moment her dad, who is notorious for being very involved in his daughter’s lives, has said he really likes Eric and has never seen Jessica in a more healthy relationship. I have a feeling that as the wedding date draws close he will be putting on the full court press to get a prenup.

Sources close to Simpson say that they worry that Johnson is just using her for her lifestyle. He was planning to go to business school in the fall, but put it on hold when he met Simpson. They say that he has always wanted the celebrity lifestyle, but until now he couldn’t afford it.

Of course all of this could just be speculation, but you know how celebrity relationships are. The odds are not with Jessica Simpson on this one especially if she is buying her own engagement ring. Hopefully she gets a prenup. How exactly she amassed $100 million boggles my mind, but I would imagine that she wants to hold onto it.



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