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“Dancing With The Stars” Week 9 Live Results: Find Out Who America Voted Off!

Posted by on November 16, 2010 at 8:37 PM EST

dwts week 9 live resultsLIVE! Dancing With The Stars Week 9 Results.

Check back here for LIVE Dancing With The Stars Week 9 results as they are announced on ABC.

I will be watching DWTS and updating this as they announce who is safe and who is in jeopardy, keep checking back as the night progresses and ultimately find out who was voted off of Dancing With The Stars Week 9.

While I am certain that Kyle Massey will be voted off, you never know what will happen on the dance floor!

… Here we go, the judges have just picked Brandy and Maks to perform their Argentine Tango from last night once again.

Annie Lennox is now performing live…

Well Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough are officially in the Finals…

…Annie Lennox is now back on stage performing once again

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer are in the Finals!!! Uh Oh, could Bristol Palin be gone?!…

…Enrique Iglesias is now performing “I Like It”  live

Remaining Contestants:

SAFE For DWTS Week 9:

  • Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough
  • Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer
  • Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas


  • Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Sorry for the cliffhanger folks, internet issues! There you have it, ANOTHER upsetting week as Brandy and Maks were voted off. Porky Palin has made it to the finals!

Keep checking back as the live results for Dancing With The Stars week 9 on ABC will keep updating!



(2) Readers Comments

  1. I have read many of the comments put out there, this has nothing to do with Politics, Bristal did pretty good BUT there’s no way she should still be in this competition she should have been gone a few episodes ago period.. Brandy would have been a much better contender and the show would have gotten many more viewers instead now its losing many more viewers..

  2. Politics has everything to do with it. Who is Bristal Palin if you did not know her mom. Another teenager who got pregnant. Of course politics has everything to do with. The name of the show is Dancing with the Stars. So, how is she a star. What have she done other than have a babby at a young age. Thousands of teenagers do that. He mom is in politics and thats how she is known….

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