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Royal Family: Prince William Will Marry Future Princess Kate Middleton!

Posted by on November 16, 2010 at 7:58 PM EST

kate middleton engagement ringPrince William has just recently announced that he is engaged to Kate Middleton.

Another member of the United Kingdom’s Royal Family, Prince William, has recently been engaged to girlfriend Kate Middleton and will marry next year.  William, 28, proposed during a vacation in Kenya last month after asking Kate’s father for his daughter’s hand following a marathon eight-year courtship.  Once again the celebrity event was announced via Twitter.  Such an old-fashioned relationship turned modern-age for British Royalty.

The couple will appear in public later today, when the Princess-in-waiting (Kate Middleton) is expected to show off her new bling (engagement ring), with their first ever interview will be broadcast tonight presumably on BBC and not sure whether it will air on U.S. television.   The marriage of Prince William will be the biggest royal event since the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana in 1981.  Some British news sources have also stated “they hope the ceremony will give a huge boost to the nation and the economy as crippling public sector spending cuts hit home.”  Too bad a simple celebrity marriage can’t boost the U.S. economy.  The way people treated Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s wedding, you’d think unemployment rates wouldn’t be tumbling.

Of course there’s endless speculation on where, when, and how the wedding will present itself.  Not only have bookies been taking bets on the young lovebirds wedding date, but high-profile lawyers have also pounced on the opportunity to advise Kate Middleton, who many have also dubbed a “commoner” next to her royal beau, to sign a prenuptial agreement prior to the official wedding date.  Lord knows this could be a massively lucrative opportunity should the marriage not be the fairytale many are expecting.

We wish Prince William and Kate Middleton the best of luck in their marriage.



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