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DWTS Semi-Finals: Live Results Preview and Predictions

Posted by on November 16, 2010 at 3:18 PM EST

dancing with the stars liveOur preview and predictions for tonights live DWTS Semi-Finals results show.

Tonight’s Dancing With the Stars results show promises to be a tense one with a spot in the finals on the line. It would be pretty heartbreaking to come this far only to get voted out one show before the finals. The final four contestants are all very different and they each bring something different to the dance floor. This season has been filled with surprises when it comes to who is going to get sent home so I’m thinking that every one of the four remaining dancers will be at least a little bit nervous going into tonight.

As with every episode of the DWTS results show, tonight will feature some live performances. This time we will get the Latin flavor of Enrique Iglesias and Annie Lennox. I know that Enrique has a hot new single on the charts so it makes sense to have him on the show, but we haven’t heard from Lennox in a while so I guess she is trying to relaunch her career.

The music aside, tonight will be all about that last spot in the finals. I feel that of the four remaining dancers only Jennifer Grey is really safe. She seems to be a fan favorite and she got two perfect scores last night. If two perfect scores can’t put you into the finals than nothing can. That leaves the last two spots in the DWTS finals to be filled by either Brandy, Kyle Massey or Bristol Palin. They all could get in or be voted out for different reasons. I think Brandy will be safe. I think people like her and over the last few weeks she has really come on strong. That leaves Bristol and Kyle to battle for the last spot and I’m giving it to Bristol. I think Kyle is the much better dancer and actually deserves to be in the finals, but I think Bristol has too much voter support. Vote For the Worst is now supporting her, her mom has drummed up a lot of support for her and there are a large group of people who see her as the average everyday person who never has danced and they have adopted her as the non-celeb favorite on the show (apparently they forgot the name of the show is Dancing With the Stars not Dancing With Everyday People). I think she will ride that tide of support into the finals.

Tune in tonight at 9pm on ABC to watch it all go down on the DWTS Live Results Show.



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  1. Go Bristol ! ! ! We love you ! ! ! You’re doing great ! ! !

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