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“DWTS” Perfection: Jennifer Grey Owns The Night!

Posted by on November 16, 2010 at 1:58 PM EST

jennifer grey dwts winnerThe semi-finals of DWTS aired last night and Jennifer Grey owned the night.

We are down to just four contestants with one week left to go in Dancing With the Stars. After this week we will know who the final three going to the finals are. Normally when I do the winners and losers each Tuesday morning it is pretty simple to select who they are. It was a little harder this week and I pretty much ended up just going by scores.

This week on DWTS each dancer had to perform two full dances. It was basically a fast dance and a slower ballroom dance. Here are this week’s winners:

Jennifer Grey owned the night. Her behind the scenes footage told the story of her health problems and the things she overcame physically to be on the show. During her rehearsals she seemed to have overcome the injuries and was focused and having fun. She wants to win and is enjoying every moment. Her first dace was a Cha Cha and she wore a tiny little outfit that really showed off her body. Jennifer Grey looked hot! The dance was high energy, technically on point and a lot of fun. The judges loved her and gave her a perfect score of 30. For her second dance she did a waltz and this dance was romantic, elegant and stylish. It really showed a different side of her and was very good and the DWTS judges heaped praise on her. She got a second perfect score of 30 giving her a total of 60 out of 60 for the week.

Brandy‘s behind the scenes footage showed her rise to fame and how her last couple of albums didn’t do so well then she had the car accident that changed her life. She sees Dancing With the Stars as a rebirth of sorts and is really focused on winning this. She and Maksim seem to now be working perfectly together. Her first dance was a paso doble. It was aggressive and intense, filled with passion. The judges loved the energy and near anger of the dance and rewarded her with a score of 27. Her second dance was an Argentine Tango. It was dramatic and sexy, and also very physical. The judges loved every second of it and gave her a perfect 30 for a total score of 57 out of 60.

Kyle Massey had his best week since the start of this season of DWTS. His behind the scenes footage showed how he started acting at age 8 and how his family sacrificed so that they could move out to LA so that he could pursue acting. The family was about to go back to Atlanta and give up when he was cast in That’s So Raven. During rehearsals he looked to be having a good time, but also looked very focused. He even said he really wants to win and while he jokes around he is very serious about doing well. His first dance was a Samba. He brought his trademark fun and energy to the dance and had some moves that nobody thought he could pull off. He brought the crowd to their feet and the judges were very impressed. He got a score of 29. His second dance was an Argentine Tango and it was like Jeckle and Hyde. The fun kid was gone and replaced with a confident, self assured, focused man. He was still energetic and occasionally flashed a smile, but he cast himself in a whole new light as a serious guy and won the crowd and the judges over. The judges even compared him to past champion Emmit Smith. They gave him a second 29 for a total of 58 out of 60.

This week on Dancing With the Stars only three points separate the top three scorers. There is no way to know for sure how the votes will go, but I would assume that Jennifer Grey is safe. Anyone else could be in trouble. I won’t be shocked to see these three competing next week in the finals.



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