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Jennifer Grey: Vote For Me To Win Dancing With The Stars!

Posted by on November 15, 2010 at 7:23 PM EST

vote jennifer grey dwtsJennifer Grey needs everyone to vote for her to win the 2010 Dancing With the Stars competition.

Jennifer Grey has been pretty consistent on this years Dancing With the Stars competition. Yes, she had the one week where she missed a step, you can’t hold that against her. I mean Bristol Palin danced in a damn monkey suit and she is still on the show. I honestly think Jennifer Grey deserves to win DWTS as she has done an amazing job.

Now before you get all huffy and puffy saying that she is just getting the sympathy vote, take a look back at her performances. Jennifer Grey has done an amazing job, then you take into account that she is 50-years-old and that is pretty impressive. With the only perfect score of the competition, I see now other couple that deserves to win more than Grey and Derek Hough. Thus being said, as we go into the final four performers tonight, vote for Jennifer Grey! Do not fall victim to the Sarah Palin political grip of doom by voting for Bristol, Grey all the way!

Tune in tonight when  Dancing With The Stars airs at 8|7c on ABC.



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  1. beautiful waltz! Go Jennifer!!!

  2. Jennifer is not only a beautiful woman, she can outperform others 1/2 her age with dignity and grace. Her facial expressions, arm movements and foot placement are a story in motion.She does not need an age handicap, but those that are just looking at popularity of contestants should consider that in voting. Dancing like this is not as easy as it looks.I would love to see a DWTS show where they pair ages together sometime.

    And would this win just not be a great tribute to another great celebrity-Patrick Swazy!!!

  3. Well, since Jennifer started the season out whining, and only stopped when she realized that people didn’t want to hear it, that really makes me question who she really is. If you choose to do the show, you should be sure beforehand that you are physically up to it. For someone with “0” performing or dance background, Bristol is doing a fantastic job. You Dems should be ashamed for attacking her due to your political hatred of her mom. Very sad, but so very typical. Carry on!

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