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Mike Tompkins: Viral Star One-Ups Glee Cast!

Posted by on November 15, 2010 at 7:47 PM EST

mike tompkins gleeThe viral sensation Mike Tompkins (YouTube) one-ups the Glee cast and their Katy Perry cover.

Mike Tompkins might not be a household name, but that didn’t stop him from being one of the guests on the Today show this morning. Tompkins has built up a large and loyal following YouTube doing all acapella covers of popular songs. That is not to say that Tompkins songs are without music, it is just that all of the music is created with his voice. He can mimic just about any instrument and uses multi-track layering to record each instrument sound then he mixes it all together and sings over the top of it. The result is a full song, complete with music that is done using nothing but his voice. You might think of him as a one man Glee.

On the Today show Mike Tompkins explained how he makes his videos and is even going to be back as part of a multi-part series where he helps the Today show record some videos that they hope will be viral successes like Mike’s.

Mike’s video for Katy Perry‘s Teenage Dream got a lot of publicity this morning for how well it was put together as well as how it almost seems like a blueprint for the version of the song that was performed on Glee this past week. Mike Tompkins’ version of Teenage Dream was put up on YouTube about 2 months ago and has already gotten nearly 5 million views.  With his unique covers of Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 his videos have gotten more than 10 million views and growing.

When you see how he creates these works, it really is impressive and shows you how much work really goes into something that looks simple and fun. Whether Mike Tompkins has a future in the music business I don’t know, but as long he keeps making great acapella videos I think he will have a nice big audience on YouTube for some time to come.

Enjoy these two video clips of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream being covered: (the first is Mike Tompkins and the second is the cast of Glee)



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