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Bill Clinton: Presidential Pimp Joins Hangover 2 Cast!

Posted by on November 15, 2010 at 7:02 PM EST

bill clinton hangover 2Bill Clinton has joined the cast of the brand new movie, The Hangover 2!

The movie The Hangover 2 is currently shooting and while they have kept the actual storyline tightly guarded there have been some casting and story leaks. This sequel to the hugely successful The Hangover takes place mostly in Bangkok, Thailand. From what I understand Ed Helm‘s character Stu Price is engaged to a hot Asian girl played by Jamie Chung. They go to Thailand to meet her family and at some point, presumably, there is a bachelor party and craziness ensues.  There have been a few cameo appearances already released, but today they announced that President Bill Clinton will make a cameo. That is how you do it ladies and gentlemen. If you are going to make a movie about partying and pimping, you should get the ultimate pimp and that is Bill Clinton. There is no word on how he fits into the movie or how much of it he is in, but it is a big get for the film and should be very funny.

Among the other cameos, Mike Tyson is scheduled to return and Liam Neeson will fill the role of a tattoo artist.  Neeson’s role was originally going to be played by Mel Gibson but after there were complaints by the cast and crew he was replaced. Ken Jeong who was hilarious in the first movie as the naked Mr. Chow will also be back. Sadly, there will be no Heather Graham, at least as of this writing. Juliette Lewis also recently joined the cast, but her role is still pretty much unknown.

With the addition of Bill Clinton to the Hangover 2Todd Phillips has really put together a crazy, mixed cast that should provide some serious laughs. I, for one, can’t wait to see how he pulls it all together.



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