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“DWTS” Women: Two Celebrities and A Palin

Posted by on November 15, 2010 at 7:41 PM EST

dwts final fourThere are three women left on DWTS which include two celebrities and a Palin.

As we head into this week’s live Dancing With the Stars show there are only four dancers left and three of them are women. The odds makers at the start of the season said it was probably going to be a woman’s year and it looks like they may very well be correct. The three women left are all very different and could win it all for very different reasons.

Brandy has come on strong lately. She started off the season good, then hit some bumps and I think there still may be some questions of how well she gets along with her Dancing With the Stars partner Maksim. Whether they really like each other or not, they seem to have found a way to work well together and the last few weeks they have ignited the dance floor and taken over command of the top of the score board. Brandy needs to keep doing what she is doing and bring her passion and fire to the dances if she wants to win. I think she is just peaking now and she seems to be holding up well physically so she has a real shot at it.

Jennifer Grey might be the sentimental favorite. She was the odds makers’ choice to win DWTS and she has regained her form in the last couple of weeks to show that she really has what it takes. Early on in the season she looked unstoppable. She was crushing it every week, but then things kind of went off the rails. She seemed to be set back by injuries and had a couple of not-so-great dances, but she seems to have found a way to deal with the pain and the drain of the rehearsals and has done well the last couple of weeks. I think people like her and want her to do well. She needs to be able to physically hold it together and keep focusing on doing good, clean dances if she wants to win. Right now I think her own body is her biggest competition.

Bristol Palin has shocked everyone including herself by making it this far. I think most people figured she would be gone in the first handful of weeks, but she keeps surviving week in and week out. Of the remaining four she is clearly the weakest dancer. For that matter she has been the weakest dancer for a while now, but other, better dancers have gotten voted off before her. There are conspiracies flying around about how she is getting so many votes, but regardless of where they are coming from, they are coming in (we assume) and she keeps surviving each week of Dancing With the Stars. I guess she could win just by showing up and dancing. It clearly doesn’t matter how good she is, people will vote for her. Dancing With the Stars doesn’t release how many votes each person gets each week so for all we know Bristol has been getting more votes than anyone else and she will ride that wave to victory.

While I don’t think Bristol is going to win the show, I have a feeling she will survive this week and the last three contestants standing will be the three women. DWTS is never short of controversy so it will be interesting to see how everyone does this week and who ends up going home.



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