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Dancing With The Stars 2010: The Year of Bristol Palin!

Posted by on November 15, 2010 at 5:06 PM EST

bristol palin dwts 2010Dancing With the Stars 2010 has definitely been the year of Bristol Palin.

Bristol Palin has basically caused or been surrounded by enough controversy in this season’s Dancing With the Stars to last most people three seasons. It just seems to follow her around. Whether it is about her mom (Sarah Palin) coming to see her at the live show and the all the beefed up security or her saying she will be conservative with her clothes and dances and then dressing and dancing sexy. Or even the Nachogate scandal when she went home to Alaska with her dance partner and was seen in a bar while being underage.

As the season has gone on and Bristol Palin has survived one vote after another and seen much better dancers go home, there has been even more controversy about how she continues to survive. This week there was some potential light shed on the situation that actually makes sense to me. It seems to me that Bristol now finds herself in the middle of the perfect storm of DWTS voting.  For starters there seems to be a group of people who have adopted her as a mascot of sorts. They feel she is the most improved dancer which makes her worthy of their votes. There is also a rumor that many conservative groups are actually working together to vote for her because they fell she is a good role model for young people so they want to keep her on TV. To top it off the Vote for the Worst group has mentioned her a lot. While they haven’t actively campaigned to keep her on the show they mention her regularly so you know there are people voting for her from that. When you add the three groups together you get a mix of people voting for very different reasons, but a vote is a vote and they all count towards keeping Bristol Palin on the show.

Another potential controversy surrounding her is the supposed spark of romance between she and her partner Mark Ballas. While she denies it and says she is not dating anyone and that she has no time for dating right now, he is very affectionate towards her and there are rumors that the two are often sitting together and being very flirty on the set and at rehearsals. I’m not saying they are sleeping together, we all know Bristol Palin is all about abstinence. . .oh wait. . . I mean, she really means it this time that she is waiting for marriage, but romance happens on this show all the time so it could happen.

Lastly, Bristol may be the only contestant in the history of DWTS to actually gain weight while dancing. Reports say she has actually put on about 15lbs since the show started.

I have a feeling if she survives this week and moves into the final three there will be even more controversy. Part of me wants Bristol Palin to win the whole thing because it would be so ridiculous that it would show the judges scores as worthless. She is always near the bottom score wise and if she wins the championship then it would show it doesn’t matter what the judges think so long as you can get votes. I don’t think she will win, but you never know what could happen on Dancing With the Stars.

So there you have the roundup of the current Bristol Palin conspiracies and controversies. Tune in tonight at 8pm on ABC to see her dance.



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