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Engaged Pop Star Battle: Nick Lachey Vs. Jessica Simpson

Posted by on November 15, 2010 at 2:38 PM EST

nick lachey jessica simpsonJessica Simpson has just made becoming engaged a battle with ex-hubby Nick Lachey.

Last week we covered the story of Nick Lachey getting engaged to Vanessa Minnillo and how the two love-birds couldn’t be happier. For this week’s engagement news we have Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend Eric Johnson announcing that they are now engaged. Could this Simpson engagement be a direct challenge to former hubby, Nick Lachey?

While I am sure the timing of Jessica Simpson’s engagement is just coincidence, the question still remains in the back of my mind. Did the announcement of the Lachey-Minnillo marriage plans speed things up on the Simpson-Johnson home front? I honestly don’t know as I don’t know how Jessica Simpson feels towards Nick Lachey.

I know that when they were on the show Newlyweds as a husband and wife, Simpson and Lachey seemed perfect for each other. We all know how well that went for them as they were divorced after about 4 years.

Since the divorce, Jessica Simpson has been in and out of the public eye. Relationships have been with various celebrities from Dane Cook to Tony Romo. Simpson was even looked at as a curse for Romo and the Cowboys when they were dating.

Regardless of her past dating history and previous marriage with Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson seems like she is happy with Eric Johnson. Hopefully the newly engaged couples (Nick and Vanessa & Jessica and Eric) have long lasting marriages.

We wish both of the newly engaged couples the best of luck with their marriages and think that the 10 day time-frame is just a coincidence. (time from when Nick Lachey got engaged to when Jessica Simpson got engaged)



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