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The Amazing Race 17 Recap: The Late Omanian Proposal

Posted by on November 15, 2010 at 12:10 PM EST

amazing race proposalThe Amazing Race 17 returned last night as the contestants were told to fly over 4,000 miles to Muscat, Oman.

On last week’s Russian leg of The Amazing Race 17, Michael and Kevin checked in last to the pit stop and were eliminated from the race. This week, the doctors Nat and Kat will depart first on their race to Oman.

All of the teams arrive at the travel agency at around the same time, except for Chad and Stephanie that is. The dating duo accidentally overslept and were over 2 hours late to the pit start. (WOOPS!) As all of the teams have already bought tickets to Oman, (2 planes) Chad and Stephanie manage to get on a 3rd plane and catch up with everyone in Oman!

Meet The Teams Of The Amazing Race 17

Once the teams arrive at their clue in Oman, they receive an ingot with a time stamped on it. It is then that they realize they will be sleeping overnight. One they wake up in the morning, Chad and Stephani go for a walk and Chad proposed to Stephanie. Of course she says yes and everyone is excited and happy for them. With the proposal out of the way, let’s get back to the race.

For last nights Amazing Race road block, teams were to rappel over 500ft down the side of a cliff. Once at the bottom they must find a genie lamp with a ring inside of it. Once they have searched through the 100’s of lamps, the teams would receive their next clue.

Upon arrival at the stack of books (next clue) teams would get the Detour challenge of last night’s episode of The Amazing Race 17. The contestants would now choose to do either “Wedding Table” or “Water Table.” In water table teams would pump water from an ancient well, navigate the streets and deliver the water to a designated house. For the wedding table challenge, teams must make their way to a local market and prepare a traditional wedding meal.

After the detour is completed, teams must make their way to a market and deliver some smoking incense to ali baba. Once they do this, they will receive the clue to go to the pit stop. Now that the challenges of last nights Amazing Race are explained, let’s take a look at how the teams did:

  • Jill and Thomas – As they passed Chad and Stephanie at the “Water Table” detour, Jill and Thomas raced towards the finish line. Once there, Phil Keoghan tells that that they were 1st place, but then he gives them bad news. Phil lets them know that they broke the rules when they paid a taxi to guide them to the pit stop. Thus being said, Jill and Thomas had to wait out a 30 minute penalty. Even after their penalty, Jill and Thomas take 2nd place for this leg of the race.
  • Chad and Stephanie – At the beginning of the episode, Chad and Stephanie were over 2 hours late to the pit start. Somehow the duo managed to catch up with the remaining teams of The Amazing Race 17. After Chad’s proposal, it seemed like this newly engaged duo had a spark and kicked ass at the challenges. Chad blew through the rappelling challenge and they were the first to make it to the “Water Table” challenge. After being passed by Jill and Thomas, Chad and Stephanie made it to the pit stop close on their heels. As a result of Jill and Thomas’ 30 minute penalty, Chad and Stephanie take 1st place.
  • Nick and Vicki – Nick and Vicki once again take 3rd place on last nights episode of the Amazing Race.
  • Brook and Claire – These two have got to be the funniest pair on this years Amazing Race 17. Despite causing a major traffic jam by going the wrong way on a one way street, the two television hotties make it to the pit stop in 4th place.
  • Nat and Kat – I am not quite sure what happened with the doctors on this leg of the race. They were the 1st to leave the pit start and it just all went downhill from there. On their way to the rapelling road block they got lost for quite some time. In the end, it came down to a foot race between these 2 and Mallory and Gary. Nat and Kat managed to slide into the pit stop and claim 5th place.
  • Mallory and Gary – The father daughter team struggled right off the bat. I thought they were done for the entire episode but saw a small glimmer of hope when they caught up with Nat and Kat. While they seem upset to have been eliminated, Mallory expresses her appreciation for her father and says she had the time of her life on The Amazing Race 17 with him by her side.



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