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Kyle Massey: Last “DWTS” Man Standing

Posted by on November 15, 2010 at 11:16 AM EST

dancing with the stars 2010Kyle Massey is the last man standing on the 2010 DWTS competition.

Kyle Massey is the last man standing on Dancing With the Stars. The last few weeks have seen both Kurt Warner and Rick Fox voted out. Both of those guys were probably much more well known than Kyle Massey, but clearly his charm, charisma and energy on the dance floor has won the audience over.

Kyle Massey has some stiff competition if he wants to get through the rest of the season and win. I think it could do it, but I have a feeling it is unlikely. No matter what dances he has to do tonight he will most likely bring his trademark smile and joy to the floor and ignite the crowd. Depending on how harsh the judges are ( he still has some issues with the technical aspects of the dancing) I would expect his score to be one of the bottom two. I think Brandy and Jennifer Grey will score better than him (maybe not by much though) and he will score better than Bristol Palin. The question is: can he survive the Bristol Palin voting machine. She clearly has a lot of voters out there and I have a feeling he will feel their wrath this week. Maybe I am wrong, but I wold anticipate that unless he does so well that he has the top score of the night he will be voted out.

It is the year of the woman on DWTS and I think Kyle Massey will be the final man to fall. But, I have been wrong before. We don’t know how many votes each dancer gets so it is hard to fully judge how well he has been doing compared to the top vote getters. I like Kyle and think he is fun to watch and I hope he sticks around, I just don’t know if he can hold out another week.



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