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Dexter Season 5 Recap: A Bloody Self-Help Seminar

Posted by on November 15, 2010 at 11:08 AM EST

dexter episode 8 recapDexter Season 5 returned last night with Take It and here is a recap of what went down.

As the newest episode of Dexter Season 5 titled “Take It” opens Dexter (Michael C. Hall)  is standing in the audience at one of Jordan Chase’s (Jonny Lee Miller) seminars. As the crowd chants “ Take it!” after everything Chase says Dexter quips, “I’ve never been around a group of people that have made me feel so normal.” He then eyes Cole (Chris Vance), Chase’s head of security and knows he will need to tap into his primal being to take Cole out.

At the office Laguerta (Lauren Velez) is besieged by the press asking about the shooting at the club. She finds out from the press that the victim who was shot is going to sue the city. Laguerta makes it clear that shit will hit the fan. Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) tells Quinn (Desmond Harrington) that she feels no remorse or sorrow over killing Carlos Fuentes (Joseph Julian Soria) at the club and that bothers her.

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During a break from the seminar Dexter talks to Lumen (Julia Stiles)  who is having some trouble finding out anything that connects the guys in the picture they took from Cole’s house. Cole then approaches Dexter and tells him that Chase wants to talk to him so Dexter meets with Chase who tells him he knows that Dexter’s wife was murdered and that he has developed a way to deal with rage that Dexter might be dealing with. Dexter is interested to say the least. Chase seems to know a lot about Dexter and even tells Dexter that he had been following the Trinity case closely.

Laguerta calls Debra into her office and tells Debra that she is putting Officer Manzon (April L. Hernandez) on leave as a disciplinary action from the shooting. Debra is pissed and basically tells Lageruta that she should be taking the blame and that they were all there as a team and should stick together as a team and weather the storm.

Lumen gets a call from her ex-fiance’ Owen (David Paetkau) who tells her that he is in Miami and wants to meet her. She agrees to meet him for lunch the next day, but seems clearly upset by the call. Dexter arrives and brings her some food and gives her a list. Lumen will be buying the supplies to make the kill room for Cole. He then tells her tomorrow night is the night they are going to kill Cole and how it will all go down.

Dexter goes home where Debra is watching Harrison. They have a deep discussion about how she has to see a shrink because of her shooting Fuentes. She tells Dexter she always thought shooting someone would effect her in a bad way, but she feels nothing. No sorrow, no remorse, but no joy. Dexter tells her that some people deserve to die or at the very least don’t deserve to live.

The next day Dexter sneaks out of the Jordan Chase seminar and goes to the hotel room where Cole is staying and plans his attack on him. Meanwhile Lumen meets up with Owen.  He makes a pitch to her. He cashed in his life savings and bought two around the world plane tickets. They can go anywhere they want and he wants her to go just leave with him. She says no, but he wants her to think about it and meet him the following night with her answer.

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While at Quinn’s place Debra sees Laguerta on TV telling the press that Debra was in charge of the stake out that went bad and that she is being placed on leave pending an investigation. Debra is not happy and storms out. Lumen, leaving her meeting with Owen backs out and runs into Stan Liddy (Peter Weller),the cop who Quinn hired to find out about her. They exchange insurance information and now Liddy knows a little more about her.

Lumen meets up with Dexter and they prepare the kill room together. Debra confronts Lageurta and is told that she will be on leave for a short time then ride a desk for a few weeks then be back on the job. Debra threatens to go against her only to be told that some people don’t agree with her version of events. She says to Laguerta that she was happy for her when she got married that she thought Batista (David Zayas) would make her a better person, but that she never realized she would eat him alive. She then storms out.

Lumen confronts Dexter about his killing, but he doesn’t tell her how many people he has killed. Cole arrives at his room next door and has loud sex with a woman. The screaming reminds Lumen of the attacks. The girl spends the night with Cole so they couldn’t kill him and move on to plan B.

Liddy shows up and gives Quinn the info he has on Lumen. He wants more money. When Quinn tells him that he isn’t paying anymore money out he threatens to tell Debra what Quinn has had him doing.

At the Chase seminar Dexter plans to grab Cole as he makes his rounds. As he tries to leave he gets pulled up on stage where he is asked by Chase to relive the night he found Rita dead. As he does this Lumen, supposedly leaving the hotel, stops at a monitor to watch. As Dexter finishes talking she turns to leave and comes face to face with Cole. She runs, Cole following her, back to her room. She calls Dexter but before she can talk Cole breaks through the door that adjoins the two rooms and attacks her. He is on top her, choking her when Dexter pulls him off and applies a choke hold until Cole is unconscious. They tie Cole to the table and wake him. They try to get him to give up the names of the other guys in group but he won’t do it. Dexter cuts his face and makes his slide then with a nod of approval from Lumen he stabs and kills Cole. He then spills his guts to Lumen. He tells her she is right, he has done this before. He tells her about his childhood and how killing is the only thing that has ever made him feel unbroken. He says that after Rita died none of the things he did made any sense, until now when she (Lumen) came into his life. He then offers her the blood slide and she takes it. Dex is left wondering if maybe Lumen is the one person on earth who can understand who and what he really is.

Debra finds out it was Manzon who sided with Laguerta, not Batista. She did it for a promotion and even tell Debra that she looks up to and admires her and wants to learn from her. Debra tells her she would never teach anyone do do what she did then wishes her good luck – she is going to need it – and walks away. In the parking lot Batista tells Debra that he is backing Debra and will do whatever it takes to make the situation right. He says she is like his litter sister and he knows Lageurta is going to be pissed, but he has to do it because it is the right thing to do.

Dexter, now checking out of the hotel, has a bunch of luggage full of Cole’s body. As he gets ready to leave Chase approaches him and thanks him for coming on stage. He tells Dexter that he thinks he will learn from what he heard this weekend and he needs to act on his ideas. He then says to him, “Tick…tick…tick…that is the sound of your life running out. That is what I tell all my clients.” Those are the same words he said to Lumen before he brutalized her. Dexter now knows Chase was one of them and is their next target.

Later that night Owen waits for Lumen, but she doesn’t show because she is with Dexter on the boat disposing of Cole’s body. Ownen tears up her ticket and walks off. As Dexter tosses the body pieces into the sea he tells her about Chase and she wonders if they are really going to take him out. He says to her, “First things first.” He then hands her the last bag of body parts. She holds it out and asks, “Just let go?” He reassures her by nodding and saying, “Yep, just let go.” She drops the bag and the two look at each other. Then the camera snaps and is lowered and Liddy is sitting by his car flipping through his camera looking at pics he took of Dexter and Lumen loading up the boat with the luggage.



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