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Billy Ray Cyrus: From Mullet To Meltdown!

Posted by on November 12, 2010 at 8:11 PM EST

billy ray cyrus mullet meltdownBilly Ray Cyrus rocks a new mullet and has a meltdown on a radio show.

It looks like Billy Ray Cyrus‘s achy breaky heart wasn’t ready to answer questions about his divorce from wife Tish Cyrus this morning and he let everyone listening know it. Billy Ray Cyrus and his mullet (yes, you read that correctly. Recent pics of Billy Ray have found him all business in the front and party in the back with a rocking new mullet) got angry this morning when he appeared on the Woody and the Wake Up Call radio show on WCOL in Nashville to tape an interview for the show. Host Woody Johnson asked about Billy Ray Cyrus’s divorce and that set Billy off. Billy said to Woody, “Woody Johnson, look at you. Oh, I ain’t mad at you. Have a good day brother.” And with that he stood up and walked out In. Cyrus can then be heard in the background saying to someone (presumably Johnson) that he should be disgusted for asking that questions and that it was very rude to do so. Johnson apologizes and says he “had to ask.”

Earlier this week Bret Michaels denied that he had ever had any kind of an affair with Tish Cyrus and while there may or may not be truth to Tish Cyrus hooking up with Bret, there was supposedly a full meltdown between Tish and Billy that lead to the separation. Billy, who has spent an enormous amount of time working on Miley Cyrus‘ career including going to her Hannah Montana auditions and playing music at the auditions so she could sing for them, was angry with Miley for talking back to him. He grounded her and then Tish let her go out anyway and that set Billy Ray Cyrus off. He allegedly screamed and said terrible things to her, and told her that she is letting everyone run wild in the family and he was done with it.

It seems that the rumors, the pressure and then this blowout finally was the straw that broke the camels back and brought the whole thing tumbling down.

Miley Cyrus is said to be taking it pretty badly. She partially blames herself because her dad was so involved in her career it took away from other aspects of the family. She recently said that she hopes to get the whole family together for a vacation to celebrate her quickly approaching 18th birthday. Maybe she can dig into the vaults of the Hannah Montana story lines and come up with a way to get them back together. Me? I’m betting on the mullet to save the day. Billy Ray had the mullet when he won Tish over the first time, now that it is back, maybe he can use its magical powers to bring the family back together.



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  1. Adrift at sea. Lost and confused. The sense of direction, purpose, and meaning to life needs restoration, … ’tis all.

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