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Gosselin Kids Expelled: I Blame Kate and Reality TV!

Posted by on November 12, 2010 at 7:35 PM EST

gosselin kids expelledTwo of the Gosselin kids (Jon and Kate Plus 8 ) were expelled recently.

Maybe they are just raging against the machine (Kate Plus 8 fame) that their mom (Kate Gosselin) has constructed around them, but whatever I is there is no doubt that something has helped to build up some rage in some of the Gosselin kids. Two of the six year old sextuplets, Collin and Alexis, have been expelled from the private school they attended in Pennsylvania and are now being home school. This follows a previous incident where one of the other six year old girls was suspended from school for hitting another student.

Reports are that Collin and Alexis were expelled for fighting with other students, making fun of other kids and calling other kids nasty names that children their age should not know. Their father, Jon Gosselin, says he has no idea where they are learning these words.

There is a source close to the family that says some of the kids are having “rage issues” that are linked to the filming of their new series “Kate Plus 8.”

While TLC maintains that all is well in the Gosselin house by issuing a statement that Kate’s number one priority was protecting and raising her kids, there have been rumors that she is often times so preoccupied with making the show a success and being famous that the kids go without her attention. The source reported that “The show is her biggest priority. If the kinds are unhappy, she doesn’t let that stop her.”

There was a pretty heavily watched video several months ago that featured Kate sitting in a room with her kids around her getting ready to do a live feed to a show. She asked for a bottle of water and when one of the kids, Maddy, said she was thirsty and needed a drink, Kate denied her. The kid even called her really, really mean as Kate drank the water, set it on the floor and told Maddy she can’t drink right then because they were going on.

I’m not saying Kate is abusing her kids. I have no idea what she is doing with them. I do shudder to think that she is actually home schooling some of them. That said, it seems like Kate is ready and willing to do anything it takes to get famous and make money and damn he consequences. The good news is that we probably won’t have to put up with her for much longer. The ratings for Kate Plus 8 are falling fast and are down about 50% from the season premier. It is starting to look like Kate’s fifteen minutes might be close to running out. The only question is what price has her kids paid for her personal fame and vanity?



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