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Lil Wayne Punches Drake: Post Prison Rumors Galore!

Posted by on November 12, 2010 at 7:24 PM EST

lil wayne punches drakeDid Lil Wayne punch his Young Money protege Drake?

OH NO! Lil Wayne punches Drake… the world is going to end because of this statement that is running rampant through the internet right now. Rumors of Wayne punching Drake are completely false and some internet blog started them to get attention. It is the same as with any other rumor, until you show me cold hard evidence, I am not going to believe a single word. With this Lil Wayne punches Drake rumor, several sites are claiming to have “exclusive” video of the rapper hitting his protege.

The best thing is when you follow these links, they take you to more sites with the original one’s ads but no video. It seems pretty far-fetched that Lil Wayne actually punched Drake. As of right now, these rumors are 100% false and I wouldn’t worry about the relationship between the two stars.

If any factual evidence stems from the Lil Wayne punches Drake rumors, I will update the post to confirm them. Until then, breathe easy Weezy fans and let the rapper enjoy his time as a free man.

UPDATE: Drake has made a statement via Twitter claiming the rumors are completely false. Here is what the Young Money star had to say: “You got the story wrong,…Lil Wayne punched me in my arm cause he saw a VW beetle pass by…haaa…YM Forever.” There you have it folks, another rumor bites the dust.

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