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Jenn Sterger Scandal: Game Over Old Man!

Posted by on November 12, 2010 at 1:11 PM EST

brett favre game overThe Jenn Sterger scandal involving Brett Favre and his manhood just heated up.

For old man Brett Favre, breaking his hip as the QB for the Minnesota Vikings is the last thing he should be worried about. Jenn Sterger (the sexy reporter that Favre sent his manhood to via text message) has presented the NFL with substantial evidence that finds Brett guilty as charged.

TMZ is reporting that Jenn Sterger and her manager (Phil Reese) met with NFL officials yesterday in New York to discuss the whole Brett Favre sexting scandal. It is said that Sterger’s manager expects Favre to feel the brunt of his penis photo debacle shortly. With evidence in hand, it is now up to the NFL to decide what they are going to do with Brett Favre.

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Of course one of the biggest concerns for Favre could be a suspension stemming from this Jenn Sterger scandal. If the NFL were to suspend him even for one game, Brett would lose his iron man streak of 293 (and counting) consecutive games played. Taking into consideration that Favre announced he was retiring after this season (again), the NFL might just let the old perv finish without suspension… only time will tell though.

We will keep updating as more information surrounding Brett Favre and his penis pictures becomes available.



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