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“The Apprentice” Recap: Kim K’s Voluptuous Perfume and a Cheater is Fired!

Posted by on November 12, 2010 at 11:47 AM EST

kim kardashian apprenticeThe Apprentice aired last night and another contestant as well as a cheater were fired by Donald Trump.

As the new episode of The Apprentice starts Stephanie and Poppy return from the board room and everyone is happy to see David gone. Clint immediately starts prodding Anand about who will be the creative person on their team now and Anand, arrogant as ever, says it will be him.

Donald Trump calls everyone into the boardroom and tells them he has been told that Anand broke the rules by sending text messages to people asking them for money during a challenge. Anand denies it at first then Trump reads the text message where Anand asks some friends to come down and buy pedicab tours from his team. Anand admits his mistake and says he did it in the heat of the moment trying to win and he stepped over a line. Trump dresses him down and says that it is this kind of stuff that has driven Wall Street into the ground and crashed our economy. He fires him on the spot.

As the group assembles for the next contest Stephanie isn’t happy when Trump puts Liza on her and Poppy’s team to even the teams out. He then tells them that they will be designing and building an in store display for Kim Kardashian‘s new fragrance. They have to come up with the concept, build it and present it to the store owner.

Team Fortitude (Stephanie, Poppy and Liza) get busy and quickly come up with a design that will involve a life size Kim Kardashian cutout and a very “blinged out” display. People can see the fragrance and take a picture with the cutout.

Octane (Clint, Brandy and Steuart) struggle with their design idea. They look to Brandy to help them, but she doesn’t have a whole lot of ideas. She also feels like Clint and Steuart are setting her up to take the fall if they should fail. Eventually, they get what they feel is a good idea and get to work on it.

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As Fortitude meets with the construction team Liza volunteers to stay behind and help them while Poppy and Stephanie go shopping. In the van Stephanie tells Poppy that they need to make sure they remember and list everything that was their ideas in the project so that Liza can’t take credit for them.

Clint and Steuart stay to help the construction team for Octane because they have a lot of work to be done. Brandy handles the graphic design portion of it and when she is visited by Ivanka Trump Brandy tells her she is worried because Clint and Steuart are close and she is the odd one out. Ivanka understands her situation and sympathizes with her. Donald Trump Jr. visits Stephanie and Poppy who are very happy with how things are going. Stephanie even admits that she thinks Don Trump Jr. is hot.

As the teams of The Apprentice pull their projects together Liza is unsure about her teams display. Poppy and Stephanie want to cover it in sequins, boas and costume jewels. She thinks that is too much and they should make it more sophisticated. She loses out and the jewels go on.

When it is time for the judging Kim Kardashian herself shows up and checks them both out. She visits Fortitude first who really do nothing but kiss her ass until finally Stephanie steps in and points out that people can take their picture with the life size cutout. When Kim visits Octane they have a much more streamlined presentation. The guys go ga ga over her, but keep it professional. Kim and the store owner then meet with Trump and tell him what they liked and didn’t like about each presentation.

In the boardroom Donald Trump talks to both teams and lets each team see pictures of the other team’s display. Upon seeing Octane’s display Liza says it is very good and she likes it a lot. However, Octane is not at all impressed with Fortitude’s display. They think it is gaudy, childlike and tacky. They think it looks like something a couple of 13 year old girls would make. Trump tells them that Kim agrees with those thoughts and he pronounces Octane the winner.

As the door closes behind Octane, Liza and Stephanie immediately rip into each other. Now Stephanie is trying to distance herself from all of her ideas and is saying it was a full team effort. Liza disagrees and says she was left in the dark and didn’t like what they were doing. Trump cuts them off and drills Poppy who eventually gives in and says that she was the project manager and that many of the ideas were hers. She tries to convince Trump that she is the strongest person on their team and that this was just a minor problem. She also points out that the only thing Kim Kardashian liked about their display was the cutout and that was her idea. Stephanie then says that it was actually her idea. More squabbling erupts between Liza and Stephanie. Eventually, Trump decides that the bad idea was too much Poppy’s doing and he fires her.

Not arch enemies Liza and Stephanie are left to work on a team together. Next week’s The Apprentice should be fun.



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