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Conan O’Brien: The Late Night Ratings War Continues

Posted by on November 11, 2010 at 12:10 PM EST

conan o brien ratings warLate night host Conan O’Brien continues fighting the ratings war with his new show “Conan.”

Conan O’Brien‘s switch from NBC to rival network TBS dropped audience numbers 33% overnight.  The much-anticipated revival of his TV talk show returned after an almost 10 month absence.  With no departure from his show’s previous tailored sequence of events, it was smattered with jokes concerning his bitter departure from rival NBC.  Which it seems was not well received by viewers and critics alike.  Critics were also left uninspired by his lack of ingenuity concerning his format.

According to the ratings, some 2.8 million people watched Tuesday night’s “Conan,” dropping from 4.2 million viewers for the gingered funnyman’s debut on TBS the previous night.  Nielsen Ratings confirmed this early Wednesday morning.  NBC’s audience numbers for their competitor “The Tonight Show” which Conan O’Brien left early this year following a face-off with the brick-jawed comedian Jay Leno, only saw a loss of 100,000 with 3.5 million viewers.

Conan O’Brien‘s premiere began with a typically over-the-top video of his life after he left “The Tonight Show,” which consisted of NBC execs attempting a mafia hit on O’Brien after he refused to move the show to a later time slot.  The result left Conan in a body cast with a doctor announcing he’d never work in network television again.  Too bad it wasn’t true.  By Wednesday, O’Brien’s jokes about his split with NBC had already become stale, leaving viewers hoping for more humor directed at current events.  Let’s hope he comes back with some original material for once, otherwise the audiences may actually leave him looking for a part-time job at the local Chuck E. Cheese.



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