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Survivor Nicaragua Recap: The NaOnka Explosion of 2010

Posted by on November 11, 2010 at 11:41 AM EST

survivor nicaragua naonkaSurvivor Nicaragua returned last night and we all felt the wrate of NaOnka.

This week’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua started off with Marty apologizing for going after Jane in the last tribal council. Nobody seems to buy it as everyone knows Marty and Jane hate each other and they both want to see each other voted off. That said, his rant didn’t fall on deaf ears. Brenda and Sash now understand what he was saying. Everyone likes Jane and she is hard worker who also knows how to catch fish. If she makes it to the finals she would be hard to beat and that makes her a real threat.

Right out the gate there was a reward challenge on last night’s Survivor Nicaragua. The tribe would randomly be split into two groups. Those groups would face off in an obstacle course. Each group had to crash through a straw wall, then lift a member up to a high hanging bar to get a key. They then crash through a wall made of sticks, lift a member and get a key. Then they had to navigate a cargo net obstacle and get a key. Lastly, they break through a brick wall and use their three keys to unlock three locks and raise their flag. The team that wins would be taken to a place where they would get to zipline through the treetops then they would have a barbeque with chicken, steak, burgers, beer and all kinds of good food. As fate would have it the luck of the draw had all the guys on one team and all the girls on the other. Since there are an odd number in the tribe, Chase was left without a group. Host Jeff Probst tells him he can pick a team. If the team he picks wins, he gets to go with them. He decides to side with the girls. At first it seemed like it was a smart pick. The girls were right there with the guys and holding their own. Dan, as you would expect, was slowing the guys down. But the walls ended up being too much. The girls didn’t have the power or size to smash through them and although it was still somewhat close, the guys won.

The guys of Survivor Nicaragua were given the option of giving up their spot on the reward trip to any of the girls if the wanted to. Maybe it could be a strategic play, but none of them did so. At the reward trip the guys had a great time. As they ate Marty pitched them a plan where they would talk NaOnka up and make her feel like they were all voting for her, when in reality they were going to vote for Jane. This would force NaOnka to play her hidden immunity idol and get Jane out of the game at the same time. The guys seemed pretty gung ho, save Sash who told them he trusted them 100%, but still trusted Brenda 90%. Back at camp the women were plotting against Marty. None of them like him and he is a schemer. Behind his back Brenda calls Chase stupid for siding with the girls in the reward challenge. She thinks he was just sucking up the Jane when in reality he was trying to impress her and seemed to think they had a legit shot at winning it.

When the guys get back Marty tells Brenda the plan. He wants to seem open and honest with her, but he doesn’t realize that Brenda and NaOnka are close. The guys start talking like they are going to vote NaOnka and the girls seem to be siding for voting for Marty. The game is afoot.

The immunity challenge was pure and simple. Jeff Probst would hold up a series of pictures. Then the tribe members would have to recite the order of the pictures back to him using a cube that had all the pictures in use on it. It is a simple memory game that had half the tribe out in the first round. The second round saw everyone but Brenda and Marty fall quickly. Brenda and Marty squared off for a few pictures, then Marty made a mistake and lost it. Brenda wins individual immunity.

Prior to tribal council Marty is scrambling to put his plan into action and Jane is scrambling to get enough votes to get Marty out. Nobody is sure who is going home.

At the Survivor Nicaragua tribal council Alina comes back in as the first member of the jury. She watches as NaOnka flips out and starts cursing people out. She is pissed that people are still bringing up the fact that she stole food from the tribe. She calls people names, flips Marty off and really explodes. Probst is at a loss for words. He has never seen anyone act like this. Marty smiles because he can feel her getting paranoid. Fabio jumps in and prods her a few times and she curses him out as well. As the voting starts she is feeling the pressure. Before counting the votes Probst asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol and NaOnka doesn’t play hers. Marty is disappointed, but not nearly as disappointed as he is when he realizes that Jane was able to sway Brenda to her side and get the votes. He is voted out. It is now clear that Dan and NaOnka can do or say whatever they want and not get voted out. Dan because he sucks so bad at challenges that nobody sees him as a threat and NaOnka because everyone hates her so taking her to the final would be a good move. As the episode ends Probst makes the observation that this is no longer a tribe making decisions as a group. Now is when it gets interesting.

Farewell Marty as your time on Survivor Nicaragua has come and gone.



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