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“DWTS” News: We Support Gay Dance Couples!

Posted by on November 10, 2010 at 6:45 PM EST

portia de rossi dwtsDWTS has expressed that they do in fact support same sex dance couples on their show.

As this season of Dancing With the Stars is starting to wind down, the producers are already working overtime trying to put together the cast for the next season. While there haven’t been any real names leaked yet, there has been some rumor about a potential bombshell for next season.

It looks like the producers want to have a gay contestant and have that contestant dance with a same sex partner. When the next season of DWTS airs it will be during American Idol‘s run so they are looking for something big that can get them a lot of press and help them compete head-to-head with Idol which is currently enjoying a huge burst of publicity due to its signing of new, high profile judges and some of the supposed drama that is taking place behind the scenes between Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez.

The producers of Dancing With the Stars are said to be focusing on trying to find a woman to fill this roll because they feel it might be less abrasive to some than to see two guys dancing. The primary name out there is Portia de Rossi. Portia would be the perfect pick because she is openly gay and her wife Ellen DeGeneres is very well liked and has a popular show. You know they would count on Ellen plugging DWTS on her show and Portia herself has a big career. She has been in some very big TV shows as well as a handful of movies. The fact that she is gorgeous, fit and she seems like a very nice person helps.

There is no word on whether or not she would dance with one of the established DWTS female pros or if they would bring in a pro that is also a lesbian.

If they pull this off and have a gay dancer with a same sex partner it will most certainly be a huge story that will get them a ton of press. If it turns out to be Portia de Rossi it would be bigger yet. I, for one, wonder how long the public would keep her around and how it would affect the ratings. It is a bold move. If they have the guts to go through with it I applaud them.



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