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Sarah Palin Shows The World Her Alaska!

Posted by on November 10, 2010 at 5:34 PM EST

sarah palin alaska premiereSarah Palin shows the world her Alaska!

Sarah Palin launches the latest venture in her conquest to stay relevant this weekend, with Sarah Palin’s Alaska, premiering on TLC this Sunday, 9/8c. You know. Because everybody can relate to Alaska.

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, won the hearts of many Americans what seems like an eternity ago, but was really just two short Novembers back. Wooing Republicans with thoughtful banter about hockey moms and pit bulls, and insightful campaign promises like “Drill baby, drill,” it seemed Sarah Palin and McCain were destined for the White House. Sadly for the Tea Party, the American people chose Obama to be their leader in 08 (only to change their minds two years too late later) and Sarah Palin shrunk into the shadows. Oh wait, that’s not what happened.

Sarah Palin went on to quit her job as Governor, write several books, work as a correspondent to “fair and balanced” Fox News, and appear ad nauseam on morning radio and television, divulging such details like which newspapers she doesn’t read, and made an estimated $12 Mil in the process. Palin also sent her brand new mother of a daughter, Bristol Palin to dance her baby weight off on good old Dancing With the Stars, and had a public headlined feud with baby daddy Levi Johnston. All that – and Sarah Palin NEVER had a reality show… Well guess what!

Palin is getting her final stamp of coat-tailed fame with her very own reality show. Ahhh. It’s nice to see someone understand what the American people need, Sarah.  The show is promoted as an intimate look Sarah Palin’s wild life in Alaska. Palin and husband Todd are shown climbing mountains, fishing, and even encounter a pair of bears in the trailer for Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

So does Sarah Palin combat the bears with her hockey mom bravado? Do the bears eat Sarah and husband? Find out on TLC this Sunday 9/8c.

By the way whadya think that title meant, perv?



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