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Dancing With The Stars 2010: Who Was Voted Off Tonight?

Posted by on November 9, 2010 at 10:03 PM EST

2010 dwts voted offIn another upsetting week of Dancing With The Stars, Kurt Warner was voted off tonight.

NFL star Kurt Warner said his goodbyes on tonight’s episode of Dancing With The Stars when he was voted off. In yet another upset, Warner, who should not have been sent home was voted off of DWTS tonight. Of course the talentless Bristol Palin still remains which just makes matters worse. With Kurt Warner gone, the dancing competition only has one man left. Will Kyle Massey make it to the finals?

We were pulling for you Kurt Warner, we are sorry to see you get eliminated from DWTS Week 8.



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  1. It would seem unbelievable that Bristol Palin is still on there but then again, why would it be unbelievable? I’m sure there are many phone banks in this country that are controlling this dance competition. And it truly wouldn’t surprise me if she wins – talentless and undeserving that she is. What a shame for the folks who really deserve to be on there and have worked so hard. Another example of the Palin zealots ruling. So sad . . .

  2. I agree with bd, when are we going to see some REAL STARS? Since when did Bristol Palin become and star? When her mom tried to hide her preganacy? Come on put some stars on the program.
    Try people that the public really knows.
    How about Dakota Fanning, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Tom Hanks. How about a single dance with Carrie Ann and Les and Bruno. Put Tom on for a dance. Put some zing into the show. I love this show but it is slowly becoming a dud. I think the producer can do alot better than Bristol Palin……..

  3. If there are phone banks in this country controlling this competition-then this wouldn’t be the first season they controlled. Bristol Palin doesn’t claim to be a dancer. In fact she acknowledged that she is not. She has shown great progress and I think courage by accepting dwts’s invitation to compete. She is under a microscope which intensified by joining the dwts cast. I personally will not be thrilled if Brandy wins because of her bad attitude towards her professional dancer. I am personally hoping for Jennifer to win..but hey whatever happens, they all worked hard.

  4. I was flabbergasted last season when a convicted political criminal (Tom Delay) was a contestant on DWTS & boycotted the show last season.
    Now it appears that the show is getting involved in the 2012 political race; favoring the Republican party. This show is giving free exposure to a potential Republican candidate.
    Bristol is NOT a celebrity or star; so why she was invited to be a contestant; is a big question that many of us are asking.
    I think the show needs to show its honor by having Brandy back for the finals & be more selective on whom they pick to be on the show.
    If you don’t; then we know this show is a farce!
    This is a dancing NOT a popularity contest.
    Things need to change! We need to go back to the professional dancing judges deciding who stays or goes. The public could still vote for their favorite but their vote would NOT decide who is the best dancer; since voters are NOT the professionals!
    I will NOT watch the rest of the season if Brandy isn’t brought back & will talk to all family & friends to boycott your show.
    I also heard that there was a glitch in the voting; so you need to rectify this miscarriage of justice by bringing Brandy back; have machines checked so they can’t be tampered with.

  5. This season has truly been a travesty as yet once again an accomplished dancer deserving to go to the finals has been voted off because Sarah Palin wants to get her “little girl” in by any means neccesary.. the same way she has tried to manipulate the republicans and the american people with this damn “tea party” business..enough!!! If DWTS does not bring Brandy back for the finals, i will NOT be watching this show and i would advise others not to as well..I’m sure Bristol knows she did not deserve to stay.. I would be ashamed to stay if I were her knowing that the only reason was her mama’s machinations..I say we boycott watching the show until they change the rules.

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