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Kendra: Christmas Comes Early With Hot Playboy Cover!

Posted by on November 9, 2010 at 7:01 PM EST

kendra christmas playboyKendra is giving everyone an early Christmas gift with her hot new Playboy cover.

Oh Kendra, I just want to thank you for being so damn sexy and extremely generous. While I know your husband Hank Baskett did not want you to do a new Playboy cover, you did it anyway and it is the best Christmas present any man could ask for.

The fact that the Christmas issue of Playboy uses old (pre-baby and marriage) pictures of Kendra Wilkinson just ruins everything. Kendra, you were supposed to go behind Hank Baskett’s back and do a brand NEW Playboy photo shoot, showing off your hot post-baby bod to the masses.

I guess to keep the baby daddy Baskett happy, you had to compromise a little. For that I guess I can respect the decision to use old photos. We should all be lucky that you decided to give us anything at all.

Once again, thank you Kendra for the wonderful Christmas cover on Playboy magazine. While we may go pick up the magazine, it clearly was not a good enough bribe to get us all to tune in to your awful reality show on E! (sorry!)



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