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“DWTS” Losers: Will Kurt Warner or Bristol Palin Go Home?

Posted by on November 9, 2010 at 3:26 PM EST

dwts week 8 losersWill Bristol Palin or Kurt Warner be voted off tonight on the DWTS 2010 Week 8 live results show?

This week on Dancing With the Stars all of the dancers had to perform two full dances. It made for a hectic week of rehearsals. The producers threw them a curve ball as well. On their second dance, the so called instant dance, they would not know what music they were dancing to until the music started. They would have to heavily improvise and make things happen on the fly. This brought the best out of some dancers and caused others to struggle. Here are the dancers that didn’t do so well.

Here are the DWTS Week 8 Losers:

Kurt Warner is will one day go to the NFL Hall of Fame. With a drive like that you know he is competitive and part of that has shown in his willingness to let his guard down and do things out of his comfort level while on DWTS. His first dance, a waltz, was actually pretty nice. His partner Anna Trebunskaya tried to keep it simple so that he could master the steps and do the dance well. Kurt hit the floor wearing tails and a pink tie that had the ladies swooning and he was charming and seemed to really enjoy the dance. Carrie Ann Inaba even called him a Ken doll. The judges enjoyed the dance, but recognized that it wasn’t that advanced. His score was a 24. For his instant dance he did a cha cha and while the fast dances have been a trouble spot for Kurt Warner in the past he actually did a decent job on this one. He just let it all hang out and had fun with it. While the judges enjoyed his energy and charisma they did recognize that he missed a few steps and had a few problems. He got a second 24 for a total of 48 out of 60.

Bristol Palin was, well, vintage Bristol. During her rehearsals she told her mom that the Argentine Tango she and Mark Ballas were going to do was going to be scandalous, Sarah told her to dominate and take over. Bristol tried to take command and started out strong, but half way through she seemed to lose it. As Carrie Ann pointed out, if she is going to be a bad girl she has to be a bad girl for the full dance. She got a 24. Her instant dance was a samba that saw her dressed like she was in an Brazilian Carnival. She struggled with not knowing the music, missed some steps and had trouble with some of the changes. The DWTS judges felt she wasn’t that connected to the dance and pointed out that she fell out of the beat a few times. She got a 23 for a total of 47 out of 60.

This week Kurt Warner and Bristol Palin both scored well behind the other three so logic would say that it is between these two to see who goes home this week, but you never know. DWTS has been strange this season and some good dancers have been sent home early so this could be another week with an upset.



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