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American Chopper Death Rattles Paul Teutul Jr’s Motorcycle Shop

Posted by on June 15, 2010 at 2:02 PM EST

paul teutulEarly this morning Paul Teutul Jr., star of American Chopper was rattled with the death of a roofer at his bike shop in New York.

A man working on the roof of Paul Jr’s shop apparently came crashing down early this morning. TMZ reports the roofer, not employed by Paul Jr. Designs, fell through the roof to his death. They also report that Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that cops are still on the scene.

The incident was first reported when someone at Paul Jr’s shop called 911 at around 8:30 A.M. this morning, claiming that someone had fallen through the roof.

Paul Teutal Jr., most famous for his work on the hit show ‘American Chopper’ has recently gone separate ways from his father, Paul Teutal Sr..  Paul Sr. and Jr. experienced a falling out and the world watched it unfold on ‘American Chopper’.

Sr. still runs the ‘American Chopper’ business, Orange County Choppers, despite losing both of his sons, Mikey and Paul Jr.

Since leaving the show, Jr. has gone his own way and started up Paul Jr. Designs. A motorcycle shop in which he hopes will “destroy his dad.” Known for his unique and fascinating designs on ‘American Chopper’, it will  be interesting to see how much Paul Jr.’s company will affect Sr.’s Orange County Choppers.

You can see the two motorcycle shops battle it out first hand this fall when TLC debuts: American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior’. Visit Amazon for more American Chopper DVD’s and more.



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  1. It’s a pure shame that Paul Sr.can’t be be the bigger man and bury his ego.
    Paul Sr. Wears all these MIA shirts and professes to support our American Troops and Vets !
    Paul Sr. Is a hypocrite. How would he feel if his son came home in a box from Iraq ??
    He’s lucky to have sons that are alive !

    thank You
    russ Haraburda …..I have no problem hearing from that ungrateful Paul Sr.

  2. It’s just sad to see family not getting along like that, there are so many people around the world that have no family at all and here you have a great family not getting along. The reason I bought my first motorcycle is I stared watching their show when it first aired, I remember all the good times they had and how they all got along on the show. There is still time to forgive one another and move foward, family is so important to have I’m hoping and praying that they can mend this whatever it is and if not working together at least become that strong family they all once were.

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