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Dancing With The Stars 2010: Jennifer Grey Perfects Her Instant Dance!

Posted by on November 9, 2010 at 11:25 AM EST

dwts jennifer grey perfectJennifer Grey receives a perfect score for her instant dance during week 8 of DWTS.

Now that we are down to just five contestants left on Dancing With the Stars things are getting intense. Each dance has to be perfect or it could be your last. This week the producers threw the dancers a nice little curve ball. They would dance two full dances this week, however, they wouldn’t find out what the music to the second dance was going to be until it started. This mean that the dancers had to pick it up on the fly and really improvise. There were some that did this a lot better than others.

Here are this week’s DWTS winners.

Brandy brought her A game tonight. I had predicted that she would come out strong this week and she crushed it. Her first dance, a waltz, was dramatic, elegant and emotional. Brandy and Maksim are hitting on all cylinders and really showed off how well they can work together. The crowd loved them and the judges went crazy for it. She got two 10’s and a 9 for a 29. Later on in the instant dance portion Brandy and Maks were feeling good and were even playing around and goofing off a little. They brought some of that playfulness to the cha cha and while the judges said they wished there was a little less playing around at the start and more dancing, they still rewarded them with a 28. Brandy’s total score for this week was 57 out of a total 60.

Jennifer Grey again struggled with injuries. This week she was suffering from patellar tendinitis and it seems like some weeks it is a miracle her body is holding up just to get to the dance floor. Her dad visited her at rehearsals and gave her a pep talk. It really seemed to lift her spirits and put her in a great mood. When she and Derek hit the floor for their quickstep it was light and fun and breezy. The judges loved her and said that they felt she was capable of being brilliant when she wanted to be. She got a 27. That brilliance shined through in the instant dance. Jennifer Grey did a rumba and they threw in some moves that paid homage to dirty dancing. The two looked perfect together and you would have never known that a few days earlier Jennifer was wondering if she would even be able to dance. The crowd went through the roof and the DWTS judges  showered her with praise as well as three perfect 10’s for a score of 30. Her total for the night was 57 out of 60 tying her for first place with Brandy.

Kyle Massey took a big step forward this week. His first dance, a Viennese Waltz, had him focusing hard on the technical aspects of the dance. The last time he danced a waltz the judges tore him up over his footwork. He wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again. He and Lacy were charming, in synch and right on with the dance. All of the judges loved and praised how far his footwork and technicality had come. He got a 27. Kyle’s instant dance seemed tailor made for him. It was a jive that was high energy and loads of fun and Kyle exploded onto the dance floor unleashing his trademark energy and charm. The crowd came to their feet with love and the judges seemed to really have a good time with it. So much so that they gave him two 10’s and a 9 for a 29. His total score for this week was 56.

Onky one point separates the top three dancers this week. The competition is getting hot and heavy and it looks like all three of these dancers have the desire and drive to win Dancing With the Stars. In my mind it will be these three that will be the last three standing, but you never know.



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