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Will Kurt Warner’s NFL Fans Keep Him Alive On DWTS?

Posted by on November 8, 2010 at 7:47 PM EST

kurt warner nflKurt Warner tackles Week 8 of Dancing With The Stars tonight on ABC.

Kurt Warner has used his drive, ambition and focus to succeed at anything he has ever done in life. If he wants to stick around and continue on in Dancing With the Stars he will need to bring that drive out and use every ounce of it . . . and he will need some love from the NFL fans out there.

Kurt Warner seems to have never been in any real trouble of getting voted off of the show. NFL players always get a lot of fan votes and those fans seemed to have turned out in droves for Kurt this season. Even when he danced badly, they pushed him through to the next week. Now it is getting tight and Kurt’s competition is getting better and better. More importantly the number of votes each person can cast is getting smaller and smaller. This could hurt Kurt Warner‘s ability to tap into that NFL audience that has helped keep him safe week in and week out. After the last few weeks we have seen that anyone can get voted off at any time. Kurt will need to dance at his best and hope for some slip-ups by others if he wants to challenge for the top spot because his best scores still have him trailing the top scorers by a decent margin each week.

In this week’s episode of Dancing With the Stars I look for Kurt Warner to dance well. I don’t think he will be at the bottom of the pack score wise and I think he will make it through to next week, but after that Kurt will need to take a step forward that his ability may not let him take if he wants a shot at winning it all.

It should be fun to watch and I know a lot of fans will be rooting for him.



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